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Julkaisut 1995
Publications 1995

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1 Bergström KA et al. Metabolism of 123-I and 11C labelled ß-CIT-FE and ß-CIT-FE measured in human and monkey plasma.
2 Delahunty CM et al. Finnish-type asparatylglucosaminuria detected by oligonucteotide ligation assay.
3 Keski-Nisula L et al. Infection markers during labor at term.
4 McCormack AL et al. Localization of the disulfide bond involved in post-translational processing of glycosylasparaginase and disrupted by a mutation in the Finnish-type aspartylglycosaminuria.
5 Mononen I et al. Recombinant glycosylasparaginase and in vitro correction of aspartylglycosaminuria.
6 Pasanen P et al. Tumour-associated trypsin inhibitor (TATI) in patients with colorectal cancer: a comparison with CEA, CA 50 and CA 242.
7 Pasanen PA et al. Multivariate analysis of six serum tumor markers (CEA, CA50, CA242,TPA, TPS, TATI) and conventional Laboratory tests in the diagnosis of hepatopancreatobiliary malignancy.
8 Penttilä I et al. Adaptation of the Troponin T ELISA Test to a microplate immunoassay reader.
9 Puhakainen E, Mäenpää P. Ammatillisesti suuntautuva kliinisen biokemian lisensiaatin tutkinto, mikä se on?
10 Rankinen T et al. Acute dynamic exercise increases fibrinolytic activity.
11 Rauramaa R et al. Inverse relation of physical activity and apolipoprotein AI to blood pressure in elderly women.
12 Riutta A et al. Smoking cessation and nicotine substitution modulate eicosanoid systhesis ex vivo in man.
13 Romppanen J, Mononen I. Age-related reference values for uninary excretion of sialic acid and deoxysialic acid: application to diagnosis of storage disorders of free sialic acid.
14 Räsänen M. Antisperm Antibodies in Male Infertility. Detection and Quantitation in Male Infertility.
15 Tuppurainen M et al. Does vitamin D3 have negative effects on serum levels of lipids? A follow-up study with a sequential combination of estradiol valerate and cyproterone acetate and/or vitamin D3.
16 Uldall A et al. Improving analytical quality in clinical laboratories using low-cost procedures.
17 Uusaro A et al. Metabolic stress modifies the thermogenic effect of dobutamine in man.
18 Vaittinen S-L et al. Subchronic toxicity of 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-2(2H)-furanone (MX) in Wistar rats.
19 Väisänen S et al. Factor VII coaculant activity in relation serum lipoproteins and dietery fat in middle-aged men.
20 Ylikangas P. Lutenisoivan hormonin huippuarvon määrittäminen virtsasta itsetestauksella ovulaatioajankohdan määrittämiseksi.
21 Zhu ZR et al. Vitamin A concentration in breast adipose tissue of breast cancer patients.

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