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Julkaisut 1995
Publications 1995

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1 Ashammakhi N et al. Strength retention of self-reinforced polyglycolide membrane: an experimental study.
2 Ashammakhi N et al. Effect of self-reinforced polyglycolide membranes on cortical bone: An experimental study on rats.
3 Ashammakhi N et al. Kudoksessa liukenevan polyglykolidikalvon käyttö luusiirteitten ja defektien peittona. Kokeellinen tutkimus kaniineilla.
4 Böstman OM, Mäkelä EA. Fixation of physeal and other fractures in children with self-reinforced polyglycolide (SR-PGA) pins: Experiences in Finland.
5 Cormio L et al. Biocompatibility of various indwelling double-j stents.
6 Dequeker J et al. Dual X-ray absorptiometry-cross-calibration and normative reference ranges for the spine: results of a European community corcerted action.
7 Eskelinen M et al. The value of history-taking, physical examination, and computer assistance in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in patients more than 50 years old.
8 Eskelinen M et al. Prognostic evaluation of DNA flow cytometry and histo-morphological criteria in renal cell carcinoma.
9 Eskelinen M et al. Small intestinal mucin antigen (SIMA); A novel tumour marker in colorectal cancer?
10 Farin PU, Jaroma H. Sonographic findings of rotator cuff calcifications.
11 Farin PU, Jaroma H. Acute traumatic tears of the rotator cuff: Value of Sonography.
12 Farin PU, Jaroma H. Digital subtraction shoulder arthrography in determining site and size of rotator cuff tear.
13 Farin PU et al. Medial displacement of the biceps brachii tendon: Evaluation with dynamic sonography during maximal external shoulder rotation.
14 Farin PU et al. Rotator cuff calcifications: Treatment with US-guided technique.
15 Honkanen R et al. Fractures and low axial bone density in perimenopausal women.
16 Kettunen J et al. Biostabiili komposiittisauva reisiluun varren osteotomian kiinnityksessä. Kokeellinen tutkimus koirilla.
17 Kinonen T et al. Competitive inhibition of coumarin 7-hydroxylation by pilocarpine and its interaction with mouse CYP 2A5 and human CYP 2A6.
18 Klemetti E et al. Craniomandibular disorders and skeletal mineral status.
19 Kröger H et al. Prediction of fracture risk using axial bone mineral density in a perimenopausal population: a prospective study.
20 Kröger H et al. Ultrasound attenuation of the calcaneus in normal subjects and in patients with wrist fracture.
21 Kröger H et al. Vitamin D receptor genotypes and bone mineral density.
22 Kröger H et al. Estimation of spinal bone density using conventional MRI. Comparison between MRI and DXA in 32 subjects.
23 Kröger H et al. Comparison of different models for interpreting bone mineral density measurements using DXA and MRI technology.
24 Kröger L et al. Osteitis caused by bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccination: A retrospective analysis of 222 cases.
25 Lipponen P et al. Expression of tumour-suppressor gene Rb, apoptosis-suppressing protein Bcl-2 and c-Myc have no independent prognostic value in renal adenocarcinoma.
26 Lipponen P et al. Apoptosis suppressing protein bcl-2 is expressed in well-differentiated breast carcinomas with favourable prognosis.
27 Lipponen PK, Eskelinen MJ. Reduced expression of E-cadherin is related to invasive disease and frequent recurrence in bladder cancer.
28 Miettinen P et al. The long-term outcome after negative appendix operation.
29 Mäkelä EA. Fixation properties abd biodegradation of absorbable implants in growing bone.
30 Mäkinen K et al. Expression of C-242 antigen in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
31 Paajanen H et al. Anaplastic colon carcinoma associated with necrotizing vasculitis.
32 Panula HE, Alhava E. Internal hernia of foramen of Winslow: A rare congenital condition.
33 Partio T et al. Lonkan rerevisioartroplastiat Kuopion yliopistollisessa sairaalassa vuosina 1984-1993.
34 Pasanen P et al. Tumour-associated trypsin inhibitor (TATI) in patients with colorectal cancer: a comparison with CEA, CA 50 and CA 242.
35 Pasanen PA et al. Multivariate analysis of six serum tumor markers (CEA, CA50, CA242,TPA, TPS, TATI) and conventional Laboratory tests in the diagnosis of hepatopancreatobiliary malignancy.
36 Pearson J et al. European semi-anthropomorphic spine phantom for the calibration of bone densitometers: Assessment of Precision, Stability and Accuracy the European Quantitation of osteoporosis study group.
37 Pearson J et al. Dual X-ray absorptiometry of the proximal femur: normal European values standardized with the European spine phantom.
38 Pietiläinen T et al. Expression of retinoblastoma gene protein (Rb) in breast cancer as related to established prognostic factors and survival.
39 Pietiläinen T et al. Expression of p53 protein has no independent prognostic value in breast cancer.
40 Pietiläinen T et al. Expression of c-myc proteins in breast cancer as related to established prognostic factors and survival.
41 Pääkkönen M et al. Arteriobiliaarinen fisteli sappileikkauksen komplikaationa.
42 Rokkanen P et al. Liukenevat kiinnittimet ortopediassa ja traumatologiassa. Kymmenen vuoden kliiniset kokemukset.
43 Sinisaari I et al. Wound infections associated with absorbable or metallic devices used in the fixation of fractures, arthrodeses and osteotomies.
44 Sinisaari I et al. Liukenevilla ja liukenemattomilla implantaateilla hoidettujen nilkkamurtumien yhteydessä esiintyvät haavainfektiot.
45 Tarvainen R. The Effect of Clodronate on Experimental Osteoporosis and fracture healing.
46 Tarvainen R et al. Clodronate increases bone mineral density in young growing oophorectomized beagles.
47 Tulla H et al. Breathing pattern and gas exchange in emergency and elective abdominal surgical patients.
48 Tuppurainen M et al. Risks of perimenopausal fractures - a prospective population-based study.
49 Tuppurainen M et al. The effect of gynecological risk factors on lumbar and femoral bone mineral density in peri- and postmenopausal women.
50 Vesalainen S. Prognostic Factors in Prostatic Adenocarcinoma Assessed by Cytometric and Histological Methods.
51 Vesalainen S et al. Results of the primary treatment in T1-3MO prostatic adenocarcinoma are dependent on tumour biology.
52 Vesalainen S et al. Nuclear morphometry is of independent prognostic value only in T1 prostatic adenocarcinomas.
53 Vesalainen S et al. Biochemical parameters as prognostic factors in prostatic adenocarcinoma.
54 Vesalainen S et al. Mitotic activity and prognosis in prostatic adenocarcinoma.
55 Väätäinen U et al. Decreased torque and electromyographic activity in the extensor thigh muscles in chondromalacia patellae.
56 Väätäinen U et al. Proteoglycan depletion and size reduction in lesions of early grade chondromalacia of the patella.
57 Zhu ZR et al. Vitamin A concentration in breast adipose tissue of breast cancer patients.
58 Zhu ZR et al. Fatty acid composition of breast adipose tissue in breast cancer patients and in patients with bening breast disease.

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