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Julkaisut 1994
Publications 1994

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1 Ahonen A et al. Indoor-outdoor pressure difference and moisture of building constructions.
2 Ahonen U, Heinonen-Tanski H. Degradation and leaching of simazine in arctic sandy soils.
3 Alm S et al. Personal exposures of preschool children to carbon monoxide: Roles of ambient air quality and gas stoves.
4 Björk EA. Community noise in different seasons in Kuopio, Finland.
5 Björk EA. Experimental study of measures to reduce noise radiated from power-station exhaust stacks.
6 Dua SK et al. Hygroscopic growth of consumer spray products.
7 Fan A et al. A study on the sources of air pollutants observed at Tjörn, Sweden.
8 Flannigan B et al. Bioaerosols from housedust.
9 Frankenhaeuser M et al. Emissions from Co-combustion of used packaging with peat and coal.
10 Halonen I et al. The effect of inorganic and organic chlorine on formation of highly chlorinated organic compounds during incineration: Laboratory pilot study.
11 Halonen I et al. The role of inorganic and organic chlorine on chlorinated organic compound emissions in incineration of aliphatic liquid fuel.
12 Halonen I et al. PCDD/PCDF levels in flue gases during combustion of refuse derived fuel in three different boilers and during combustion of four different fuel mixtures in same boiler.
13 Hirvonen A et al. Thermal desorption of organic compounds associated with settled household dust.
14 Hopke PK et al. In-home and laboratory experiments for short-term dose from radon and radon progeny in showering.
15 Hyvärinen A et al. Concentrations and genera of fungi: Components of exposure in moldy buildings.
16 Junnila S et al. Phytotoxic persistence and microbiological effects of chlorsulfuron and metsulfuron in Finnish soils.
17 Junnila S et al. Phytotoxic persistence and microbiological effects of flurochloridone in Finnish soils.
18 Juuti S et al. Trichloroacetic acid in conifer needles in an area of kraft pulp mill plume.
19 Kainulainen T et al. The effect of different oxidation and filtration processes on the molecular size distribution of humic material.
20 Kalliokoski P et al. Styrene emissions as design parameter for ventilation in the reinforced plastic industry.
21 Keskikuru T et al. The pressure-controlled mechanical ventilation affected by weather conditions.
22 Kiilunen M. Occupational exposure to chromium and nickel in Finland and its estimation by biological monitoring.
23 Kokotti H et al. Radon mitigation with pressure-controlled mechanical ventilation.
24 Kokotti H et al. Radon mitigation with controlled mechanical ventilation.
25 Kokotti H et al. Effect of continuously adjusted and controlled ventilation on heat capacity flows.
26 Korhonen P et al. Detection and mitigation of occupational radon exposure in underground workplaces.
27 Koskinen O et al. Respiratory symptoms and infections in mouldy dwellings and day-care centres.
28 Lang S. Kinetics and biological effects of neutron-activated uranium dioxide particles.
29 Lang S et al. Distribution and short-term effects of intratracheally instilled neutron-irradiated UO2 particles in the rat.
30 Leszcynski D et al. Radiation-induced concomitant overexpression of p53, p62c-fos and p21n-ras in mouse epidermis.
31 Nevalainen A et al. Fungi and bacteria in normal and mouldy dwellings.
32 Nevalainen A et al. Exposure to fungal spores in mouldy houses - Effect of remedial work.
33 Nevalainen A et al. Bioaerosol exposure in living environment - identification and quantification of the problem.
34 Niemelä R et al. Target levels of indoor air quality in industrial buildings.
35 Niininen M et al. Effect of organic contaminants in landfill leachates on groundwater quality in Finland.
36 Nikulin M et al. Stachybotrys atra growth and toxin production in some building materials and fodder under different relative humidities.
37 Nygren P et al. Behaviour of 137Cs from Chernobyl fallout in a Scots pine canopy in southern Finland.
38 Olawoyin OO et al. A system for sizing, aerodynamically, aerosol particles in the 0,5 NM range.
39 Pasanen A-L et al. Recent studies on fungal growth on building materials.
40 Pasanen A-L et al. Stachybotrys atra corda may produce mycotoxins in respirator filters in humid environments.
41 Pasanen AL et al. Collection of airborne mycotoxins on membrane filters.
42 Pasanen P. Ilmanvaihtojärjestelmien epäpuhtaudet ja niiden torjunta.
43 Pasanen P. Impurities in ventilation ducts.
44 Pasanen P et al. Increase in perceived odor emissions with loading of ventilation filters.
45 Pekari K. Biological monitoring of benzene, toluene and styrene.
46 Rajala-Mustonen RL, Heinonen-Tanski H. Sensitivity of host strains and host range of coliphages isolated from Finnish and Nicaraguan wastewater.
47 Raunemaa T et al. Observation of submicron aerosol, black carbon and visibility degradation in remote area at temperature range from -24 to 20 oC.
48 Raunemaa T et al. Black carbon to aerosol characteristics in remote areas.
49 Raunemaa T et al. Black carbon to aerosol mass ratio in aerosol stability evaluation.
50 Rautiala S, Reponen T. Hometalon purkaja tarvitsee suojaimia.
51 Rautiala S et al. Comparison of six-stage impactor and camnea-method sampling during repair work.
52 Reponen T. Viable fungal spores as indoor aerosols.
53 Reponen T et al. Comparison of concentrations and size distributions of fungal spores in buildings with and without mould problems.
54 Reponen T et al. Respiratory exposure to fungal spores in moldy houses.
55 Ruuskanen J et al. Formation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in Co-combustion of mixed plastics with coal: exploratory principal component analysis.
56 Servomaa K et al. Apparent radiation-specific point mutation in the tumour suppressor gene p53 in malignant lung tumours in rat.
57 Tapola M et al. Local ventilation system for dissection work.
58 Tuhkanen T. Oxidation of organic compounds in water and waste water with the combination of hydrogen peroxide and UV radiation.
59 Tuhkanen TA et al. The effect of preozonation, ozone/hydrogen peroxide treatment, and nanofiltration on the removal of organic matter from drinking water.
60 Tuppurainen K et al. Chlorinated phenoxy radicals and phenolate anions as precursors of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) and dibenzofurans (PCDFs) in municipal waste incineration: a semi-empirical AM1 molecular orbital study.
61 Verkasalo P et al. Magneettikentät ja syöpävaara.

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