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Julkaisut 1994
Publications 1994

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1 Auramo Y et al. Classification experiments for vertigo diagnoses with a neural network.
2 Back RJR, Sere K. Action systems with synchronous communication.
3 Grönfors T. Novel methods of syntactic pattern recognition for peak detection of auditory brainstem responses.
4 Grönfors TK. Computer analysis of auditory brainstem responses by using advanced pattern recognition.
5 Juhola M. Computer analysis of eye movements with syntactic pattern recognition methods.
6 Kuikka E et al. Theory and implementation of SYNDOC document processing system.
7 Nihtilä MT. Modelling and Simulation of a Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Bioreactor by FEM approach.
8 Nihtilä MT et al. Recursive input delay estimation in linear systems.
9 Pesonen E et al. Parameters for a knowledge base for acute appendicitis.
10 Pesonen E et al. Perusal of symptom parameters for the knowledge-based diagnosis of acute appendicitis.
11 Pesonen E et al. Learning vector quantization in the automatic decision making of acute appendicitis.
12 Putkonen A. Overview on a methodology of structured object-oriented system analysis.
13 Putkonen A. Oliokeskeisen systeemin analyysi, suunnittelu ja ylläpito.
14 Putkonen A. A methodology for supporting analysis, design and maintenance of object-oriented systems.
15 Pyykkö I et al. Data base for risk assessment of noise-induced hearing loss.
16 Selkäinaho K. A one-parametric reduced filter for image restoration.
17 Tali-Maamar N et al. On control of nonlinear distributed parameter bioreactors.
18 Tervo J. Notes on L(D)-convex sets.

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