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Julkaisut 1994
Publications 1994

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1 Buzsáki G et al. Oscillatory and intermittent synchrony in the hippocampus: relevance to memory trace formation.
2 Cochius J et al. Sweat gland vacuoles in Unverricht-Lundborg disease: A clue to diagnosis?
3 Grönblad M et al. Straight leg raising test and lumbar cerebrospinal fluid levels of vasoactive intestinal peptide and somatostatin in patients with low back pain.
4 Halonen T et al. Posterior piriform and perirhinal cortex relay seizures evoked from the area tempestas: role of excitatory and inhibitory amino acid receptors.
5 Hartikainen P. Normal aging - A neurochemical, neurophysiological and neuropsychological study with special reference to Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and amyotropic lateral sclerosis.
6 Heinonen O. Neuropathologic and peripheral markers of Alzheimer's disease with special emphasis on ß-amyloid accumulation.
7 Heinonen O et al. Testing for mutations in exon 17 of the ß-amyloid precursor protein gene in Finnish Alzheimer patients and normal subjects.
8 Heinonen O et al. ß-amyloid protein immunoreactivity in skin is not a reliable marker of Alzheimer's disease. An autopsy-controlled study.
9 Hänninen T et al. Subjective memory complaints and personality traits in normal elderly subjects.
10 Jolkkonen J et al. GABAergic modulation of striatal peptide expression in rats and the alterations induced by dopamine antagonist treatment.
11 Kauppinen R, Pitkänen A, eds. Neuroscience 1994 Finland, Kuopio June 17-18, 1994. Abstracts.
12 Kuhmonen J et al. Decrease in brain Choline-containing compounds following a short period of global ischemia in gerbils as detected by 1H NMR spectroscopy in vivo.
13 Kuikka JT et al. Does technetium-99m bicisate imace logal brain metabolism in late ictal temporal lobe epilepsy?
14 Kuusisto J et al. Association of apolipoprotein E phenotypes with late onset Alzheimer's disease: population based study.
15 Kälviäinen R. Aivojen magneettikuvaus on muuttanut epilepsian hoitoa.
16 Kälviäinen R et al. Vigabatrin und kognitive Funktionen.
17 Laulumaa V et al. Imaging of D2 dopamine receptors of patients with Parkinson's disease using single photon emission computed tomography and iodobenzamide I 123.
18 Li XG et al. The hippocampal CA3 network: An in vivo intracellular labeling study.
19 Lowenthal A, Sivenius J. From European stroke prevention study 1 to European stroke prevention study 2.
20 Mähönen M et al. Aivoverisuonisairauksien sairaalahoidot Suomessa vuosina 1981-1990.
21 Partanen J et al. Prolonged latencies of pattern reversal visual evoked early potentials in Alzheimer disease.
22 Pekkonen E et al. Auditory sensory memory impairment in Alzheimer's disease: an event-related potential study.
23 Pitkänen A, Amaral DG. The distribution of GABAergic cells, fibers, and terminals in the monkey amygdaloid complex: An immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization study.
24 Pitkänen M et al. D-cycloserine, a partial agonist at the glycine site, enhances the excitability of dentate granule cells in vivo in rats.
25 Riekkinen M. The interactions between cholinergic and serotonergic systems in the modulation of spatial navigation and passive avoidance behavior - An experimental neuropsychopharmacological study.
26 Riekkinen M, Riekkinen P Jr. Effects of THA and physostigmine on spatial navigation and avoidance performance in mecamylamine and PCPA-treated rats.
27 Riekkinen M et al. Interaction between 5-HT1A and nicotinic cholinergic receptors in the regulation of water maze navigation behavior.
28 Riekkinen P Jr. 5-HT1A and muscarinic acetylcholine receptors jointly regulate passive avoidance behavior.
29 Riekkinen P Jr et al. Serotonin depletion decreases the therapeutic effect of nicotine, but not THA, in medial septal-lesioned rats.
30 Riekkinen PJ Jr et al. Serotonin depletion decreases therapeutic effect of THA and nicotine.
31 Rothewll PM et al. Prognostic value and reproducibility of measurements of carotid stenosis. A comparison of three methods on 1001 angiograms.
32 Rothwell PM et al. Equivalence of measurements of carotid stenosis. A comparison of three methods on 1001 angiograms.
33 Sarti C et al. Aivohalvaukset vähenivät Suomessa 1980-luvulla.
34 Sarti C et al. Declining trends in incidence, case-fatality and mortality of stroke in three geographic areas of Finland during 1983-1989.
35 Saukkonen AM et al. Do seizures cause neuronal damage? A MRI study in newly diagnosed and chronic epilepsy.
36 Sik A et al. Inhibitory CA1-CA3-hilar region feedback in the hippocampus.
37 Sirviö J et al. Spatial learning and noradrenaline content in the brain and periphery of young and aged rats.
38 Sirviö J et al. The effects of selective alpha-2 adrenergic agents on the performance of rats in a 5-choice serial reaction time task.
39 Sirviö J et al. Experimental studies on the role of serotonin in cognition.
40 Sivenius J. Aivohalvauksen yleisyys ja sen muutokset Suomessa.
41 Sivenius J et al. Long-term study with gabapentin in patients with drug-resistant epileptic seizures.
42 Soininen H. Alzheimerin taudin tutkimus nousussa.
43 Soininen H, Partanen J. Dementiat.
44 Soininen HS et al. Volumetric MRI analysis of the amygdala and the hippocampus in subjects with age-associated memory impairment: Correlation to visual and verbal memory.
45 Suzuki K et al. Stroke incidence and case fatality in Finland and in Akita, Japan: A comparative study.
46 Tuomisto L et al. Inhibition of brain histamine synthesis increases food intake and attenuates vasopressin response to salt loading in rats.
47 Tuunainen A et al. Postoperative EEG and electrocorticography: relation to clinical outcome in patients with temporal lobe surgery.
48 Vainio P et al. Reduced N-acetylaspartate concentration in temporal lobe epilepsy by quantitative 1H MRS in vivo.
49 Van Duijn CM et al. Interaction between genetic and environmental risk factors for Alzheimer's disease: A reanalysis of case-control studies.
50 Vanninen R et al. The best method to quantitate angiographic carotid artery stenosis?
51 Vanninen R et al. Carotid stenosis by digital subtraction angiography: Reproducibility of the European Carotid Surgery Trial and the North American Symptomatic Carotid Endarterectomy Trial and the measurement methods and visual Interpretation.
52 Viinamäki H, Koivisto K. Poststroke depression in clinical practice: The ability of staff to recognize depressive mood.

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