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Julkaisut 1994
Publications 1994

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1 Chang F et al. Transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder: failure to demonstrate human papillomavirus deoxyribonucleic acid by in situ hybridization and polymerase chain reaction.
2 Chang F et al. Frequent mutations of p53 gene in oesophageal squamous cell carcinomas with and without human papillomavirus (HPV) involvement suggest the dominant role of environmental carcinogens in oesophageal carcinogenesis.
3 Elonen E et al. Syöpätaudit.
4 Eskelinen M et al. Clinical value of serum tumour markers TPA, TPS, TAG 12, CA 15-3 and MCA in breast cancer diagnosis; results from a prospective study.
5 Eskelinen M et al. Acute appendicitis in patients over the age of 65 years: comparison of clinical and computer based decision making.
6 Eskelinen M et al. Sex-specific diagnostic scores for acute appendicitis.
7 Eskelinen M et al. Contributions of history-taking, physical examination, and computer assistance to diagnosis of acute small-bowel obstruction. A prospective study of 1333 patients with acute abdominal pain.
8 Eskelinen M et al. Expression of tumour associated antigens 12H12, 2E11, 7A9, CEA and DF3 in human breast cancer.
9 Eskelinen M et al. Clinical evaluation of serum tumour markers CEA, CA 50 and CA 242 in colorectal cancer.
10 Hartikainen P. Normal aging - A neurochemical, neurophysiological and neuropsychological study with special reference to Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and amyotropic lateral sclerosis.
11 Harvima IT et al. Mast cell proteinases and cytokines in skin inflammation.
12 Heinonen O. Neuropathologic and peripheral markers of Alzheimer's disease with special emphasis on ß-amyloid accumulation.
13 Heinonen O et al. Testing for mutations in exon 17 of the ß-amyloid precursor protein gene in Finnish Alzheimer patients and normal subjects.
14 Heinonen O et al. ß-amyloid protein immunoreactivity in skin is not a reliable marker of Alzheimer's disease. An autopsy-controlled study.
15 Helminen HJ et al. Articular cartilage properties after different loading regimes.
16 Hippeläinen M. Genital Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection in the male. Diagnosis, prevalence, risk factors and clinical course.
17 Hippeläinen M et al. Diagnosis of genital human papillomavirus lesions in the male - reply.
18 Hippeläinen MI et al. Clinical course and prognostic factors of human papillomavirus infections in men.
19 Hippeläinen MI et al. Low concordance of genital human papillomavirus (HPV) lesions and viral types in HPV-infected women and their male sexual partners.
20 Horsmanheimo L et al. Mast cells are one major source of interleukin-4 in atopic dermatitis.
21 Hyvönen PM et al. The influence of dichloromethylene bisphosphonate on the healing of a long bone fracture, composition of bone mineral and histology of bone in the rat.
22 Hyvönen PM et al. The influence of dichloromethylence bisphosphonate on the healing of a long bone fracture, composition of bone mineral and histology of bone in the rat.
23 Jantunen E et al. Jättitrombosyyttisyndroomat.
24 Jantunen E et al. Gray platelet syndrome with splenomegaly and signs of extramedullary hematopoiesis: A case report with review of the literature.
25 Johansson R. Sädehoidon haittavaikutukset.
26 Johansson R. Solunsalpaajien (sytostaattien) haittavaikutukset.
27 Johansson R. Sädehoidon liittäminen muihin hoitomuotoihin.
28 Karhunen PJ et al. Stability of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) antibodies in postmortem samples.
29 Karjalainen A et al. Pleural plaques and exposure to mineral fibres in a male urban necropsy population.
30 Karjalainen A et al. Asbestos exposure and pulmonary fiber concentrations of 300 Finnish urban men.
31 Kokkarinen J et al. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis due to native birds in a bird ringer.
32 Komulainen H et al. Toxic effects and execretion in urine of 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanone(MX) in the rat after a single oral dose.
33 Kurvinen K et al. The state of the p53 gene in human papillomavirus (HPV)-positive and HPV-negative genital precancer lesions and carcinomas as determined by single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis and sequencing.
34 Kärjä V et al. C-erbB-2 oncogene expression in salivary gland tumours.
35 Lammi MJ et al. Expression of reduced amounts of structurally altered aggrecan in articular cartilage chondrocytes exposed to high hydrostatic pressure.
36 Lang S et al. Distribution and short-term effects of intratracheally instilled neutron-irradiated UO2 particles in the rat.
37 Lappalainen K et al. Comparison of cell proliferation and toxicity assays using two cationic liposomes.
38 Lappalainen K et al. Cationic liposomes mediated delivery of antisense oligonucleotides targeted to HPV 16 E7 mRNA in CaSki cells.
39 Lappalainen K et al. Cationic liposomes improve stability and intracellular delivery of antisense oligonucleotides into CaSki cells.
40 Leszcynski D et al. Radiation-induced concomitant overexpression of p53, p62c-fos and p21n-ras in mouse epidermis.
41 Lipponen P et al. Apoptosis in breast cancer as related to histopathological characteristics and prognosis.
42 Lipponen P, Eskelinen M. Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor in bladder cancer as related to established prognostic factors, oncoprotein (c-erbB-2, p53) expression and long term prognosis.
43 Lipponen P et al. Expression of proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PC10), p53 protein and c-erbB-2 in renal adenocarcinoma.
44 Lipponen P et al. Basement membrane structure and vascular density as prognostic factors in breast cancer.
45 Lipponen P et al. Tumour vascularity and basement membrane structure in breast cancer as related to tumour histology and prognosis.
46 Lipponen P et al. Expression of E-cadherin (E-CD) as related to other prognostic factors and survival in breast cancer.
47 Lipponen PK, Aaltomaa S. Apoptosis in bladder cancer as related to standard prognostic factors and prognosis.
48 Lipponen PK, Eskelinen MJ. Expression of pS2 protein in transitional cell bladder tumours.
49 Mäkinen K et al. Argyrophilic nucleolar organizer regions may help the differential diagnostic distinction between chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
50 Mäkinen K et al. Sapphire probe versus bare fiber in interstitial laser hyperthermia (ILH). An experimental study with wistar rats.
51 Naukkarinen A et al. Mast cell tryptase and chymase are potential regulators of neurogenic inflammation in psoriatic skin.
52 Panula K. "A hard day's night" - kokemuksia suu- ja leukakirurgisesta toiminnasta Liverpoolissa.
53 Parkkinen JJ et al. The effects of taxol and nocodazole on proteoglycan synthesis in hydrostatically pressurized chondrocytes.
54 Parkkinen JJ et al. Proteoglycan synthesis and cytoskeleton in hydrostatically loaded chondrocytes.
55 Partanen J et al. Late onset foot-drop muscular dystrophy with rimmed vacuoles.
56 Pasanen PA et al. Diagnostic value of tissue polypeptide specific antigen in patients with pancreatic carcinoma.
57 Pasanen PA et al. A prospective study of serum tumour markers carcinoembryonic antigen, carbohydrate antigens 50 and 242, tissue polypeptide antigen and tissue polypeptide specific antigen in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer with special reference to multivariate diagn..
58 Pasanen PA et al. Tumour-associated trypsin inhibitor in the diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma.
59 Pesonen E et al. Parameters for a knowledge base for acute appendicitis.
60 Pesonen E et al. Perusal of symptom parameters for the knowledge-based diagnosis of acute appendicitis.
61 Riekkinen M. The interactions between cholinergic and serotonergic systems in the modulation of spatial navigation and passive avoidance behavior - An experimental neuropsychopharmacological study.
62 Servomaa K et al. Apparent radiation-specific point mutation in the tumour suppressor gene p53 in malignant lung tumours in rat.
63 Syrjänen K. Miten terveyskeskus käyttää järkevästi patologian alan palveluja?
64 Syrjänen K. Papilloomavirusinfektiot.
65 Syrjänen K. Sukupuolitaudit ja syöpä.
66 Syrjänen KJ. Human papillomavirus in genital carcinogenesis.
67 Syrjänen KJ. Condyloma acuminatum and other human papillomavirus (HPV)-induced squamous cell tumors of the anogenital tract.
68 Tammi M et al. Distribution of hyaluronan in articular cartilage as probed by a biotinylated binding region -link protein complex of aggrecan.
69 Tervahauta A. Oncogenes, antioncogenes, growth factors and their receptors in biology of human papillomavirus (HPV)-induced cervical precancer lesions and cervical cancer.
70 Tervahauta A et al. Epidermal growth factor receptor, c-erbB-2 proto-oncogene and estrogen receptor expression in human papillomavirus lesions of the uterine cervix.
71 Tervahauta A et al. Expression of transforming growth factor-ßl and -ß2 in human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated lesions of the uterine cervix.
72 Tervahauta AI et al. Detection of p53 protein and Ki-67 proliferation antigen in human papillomavirus (HPV)-positive and HPV-negative cervical lesions by immunohistochemical double-staining.
73 Tossavainen A et al. Retention of asbestos fibers in the human body.
74 Tuunainen A et al. Postoperative EEG and electrocorticography: relation to clinical outcome in patients with temporal lobe surgery.
75 Vesalainen S et al. Tumor vascularity and basement membrane structure as prognostic factors in T1-2MO prostatic adenocarcinoma.
76 Vesalainen S et al. Histological grade, perineural infiltration, tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes and apoptosis as determinants of long-term prognosis in prostatic adenocarcinoma.
77 Vesalainen S et al. Progression and survival in prostatic adenocarcinoma: a comparison of clinical stage, Gleason grade, S-phase fraction and DNA ploidy.
78 Vesalainen SLB et al. Proliferating cell nuclear antigen and p53 expression as prognostic factors in T1-2M0 prostatic adenocarcinoma.

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