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Julkaisut 1994
Publications 1994

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1 Ahonen A et al. Samarium-153-EDTMP in bone metastases.
2 Hyödynmaa S. Electron beam dose computation using generalised Gaussian pencil beam algorithm with 3D inhomogeneity correction and arbitrary field shapes.
3 Hyödynmaa S et al. A computer network for transferring radiotherapy images and treatment set-up data.
4 Hyödynmaa S et al. Comparison of performance standards for radiation beam uniformity characteristics of a linear accelarator.
5 Parkkinen J et al. Designing Satellite Image Analysis for the Lake Tanganyika Research Project.
6 Parkkinen J et al. Analyses des dessins des images par satellite pour le project de Recherche pour l'aménagement de Péches au lac Tanganyika.
7 Takala K et al. Iron content and its relations to the sulphur and titanium contents of epiphytic and terricolous lichens and pine bark in Finland.
8 Tamura T et al. Modelling of the dielectric properties of normal and irradiated skin.
9 Tarvainen R et al. Clodronate prevents immobilization osteopenia in rats.
10 Tarvainen R et al. Effect of clodronate on fracture healing in denervated rats.
11 Tenhunen M. Photon beam output factors of medical linear accelerators with special reference to asymmetric collimation and dynamic wedge fields.
12 Tenhunen M, Lahtinen T. Relative output factors of asymetric megavoltage beams.
13 Tenhunen M et al. Irradiation of the whole neuraxis. A method for field positioning.
14 Tiitta M et al. Gamma-absorption techniques for measuring internal moisture and density distributions of wood products.

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