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Julkaisut 1994
Publications 1994

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1 Ciftcioglu N, Kajander EO. Pathogenicity factors in nasopharyngeal coagulase-negative staphylococci from patients with bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis.
2 Haataja S et al. Oligosaccharide-reseptor interaction of the cal-alpha1-4Gal binding adhesin of Streptococcus suis.
3 Hakumäki J et al. Aivotoiminta tuo magneettikuviin eloa.
4 Heiskanen M-L. Homeeton rehu - hevosen terveyden ja hyvien suoritusten edellytys.
5 Heiskanen M-L. Uudet tutkimustulokset lupaavia: tuorespermalla hyviä tiinehtymistuloksia.
6 Heiskanen M-L et al. Freezability and fertility results with uncentrifuged stallion semen.
7 Heiskanen M-L et al. Insemination results with slow-cooled stallion semen stored for approximately 40 hours.
8 Heiskanen M-L et al. Insemination results with slow-cooled stallion semen stored for 70 or 80 hours.
9 Heiskanen M-L, Tuomivaara S. Ilmanvaihdon ongelmat hevostalleissa.
10 Heiskanen M-L, Tuomivaara S. Raikasta talli-ilmaa.
11 Hyttinen J-M et al. Generation of transgenic dairy cattle from transgene-analyzed and sexed embryos produced in vitro.
12 Hyvönen T et al. Characterization of a COS cell line deficient in polyamine transport.
13 Jänne J. Lääkeproteiinien tuotto siirtogeenisissä bioreaktoreissa.
14 Jänne J et al. Transgenic bioreactors.
15 Jääskeläinen T et al. Phosphorylation pathways affect binding of AP-1 and vitamin D receptor to their combined response element in the promoter region of human osteocalcin gene.
16 Jääskeläinen T et al. Functional interference between AP-1 and the vitamin D receptor on osteocalcin gene expression in human osteosarcoma cells.
17 Kajander EO et al. Comparison of staphylococci and novel bacteria-like particles from blood.
18 Kauppinen RA. From the synaptosome to the intact brain.
19 Kauppinen RA et al. Compartmentation of cerebral glutamate in situ as detected by 1H/13C n.m.r.
20 Kauppinen RA, Williams SR. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy studies of the brain.
21 Keinänen R. Molecular cloning and structure of the chicken avidin cDNA and five avidin-related genes.
22 Keinänen TA et al. Derivatives of 1-aminooxy-3-aminopropane as polyamine antimetabolites. Stability and effects on BHK21/C13 cells.
23 Koivuranta KT et al. Isolation and characterization of cDNA for human 120 kDa mitochondrial 2,4-dienoyl-coenzyme A reductase.
24 Kokko H et al. Rapid production of antibodies in chicken and isolation from eggs.
25 Kolmer M et al. Tissue-specific expression of the diazepam-binding inhibitor in Drosophila melanogaster: Cloning, structure, and localization of the gene.
26 Kopponen P. A short-term bioassay for monitoring of dioxin-like compounds. CYP1A1 induction in Hepa-1 cell culture.
27 Kopponen P et al. Sulfur analogues of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins dibenzofurans and diphenyl ethers as inducers of CYP1A1 in mouse hepatoma cell culture and structure-activity relationships.
28 Kopponen P et al. Comparison of CYP1A1 induction and genotoxity in vitro as indicators of potentially harmful effects of environmental samples.
29 Kopponen P et al. Chemical and biological 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin equivalents in fly ash from combustion of bleached kraft pulp mill sludge.
30 Kuronen I et al. Synthetic peptides in antibody production and standardization of clinical assays.
31 Kärenlampi SO et al. Pathogenesis-related proteins in ozone-exposed Norway spruce [Picea abies (Karst) L.].
32 Liepe BA et al. Nitric oxide synthase in Müller cells and neurons of salamander and fish retina.
33 Luo Z, Mäenpää PH. A peptide C-terminal to the second Zn-finger of human vitamin D receptor is able to specify nuclear localization.
34 Luo Z et al. A peptide C-terminal to the second Zn finger of human vitamin D receptor is able to specify nuclear localization.
35 Mahonen A, Jukkola A. Regulation of procollagen type I synthesis by various steroids in human osteosarcoma cells.
36 Mahonen A, Mäenpää PH. Steroid hormone modulation of vitamin D receptor levels in human MG-63 osteosarcoma cells.
37 Myöhänen S et al. Nucleotide sequence of mouse spermidine synthase cDNA.
38 Myöhänen S et al. Automated fluorescent genomic sequencing as applied to the methylation analysis of the human ornithine decarboxylase gene.
39 Mäenpää PH et al. Biochemical indicators of suboptimal protein nutrition in growing horses during the first indoor season.
40 Parviainen M et al. Two-site enzyme immunoassay for measuring intact human ostecalcin in serum.
41 Pelkonen K et al. In vitro monitoring of cytotoxic and enzyme-inducing effects of compounds extracted from feeds, bedding and cage materials for laboratory animals.
42 Petäistö R-L et al. Analysis of the protein pattern of Gremmeniella abietina with special reference to protease activity.
43 Peura T. Generation of transgenic cattle from microinjected embryos produced in vitro.
44 Peura TT et al. Effects of microinjection-related treatments on the subsequent development of in vitro-produced bovine oocytes.
45 Pirhonen A. Mammalian protamines. Primary structures and patterns of phosphorylation in spermatozoa from different species.
46 Pirhonen A et al. Identification of phosphoseryl residues in protamines from mature mammalian spermatozoa.
47 Pirhonen A et al. P2 protamines are phosphorylated in vitro by protein kinase C, whereas P1 protamines prefer cAMP-dependent protein kinase. A comparative study of five mammalian species.
48 Pirskanen A. Osteocalcin: Expression and hormonal regulation in human osteosarcoma cells.
49 Pirskanen A et al. Effects of transforming growth factor beta1 on the regulation of osteocalcin synthesis in human MG-63 osteosarcoma cells.
50 Pirskanen A et al. TGF-beta1 inhibits the induction of osteocalcin gene by 1,25(OH)2D3 at the level of transcription.
51 Pirttilä T. Ydinmagneettinen resonanssispektroskopia, "ikkuna" aivojen toimintaan.
52 Pirttilä T-RM, Kauppinen RA. Lactate efflux and intracellular pH during severe hypoxia in rat cerebral cortex in vitro studied by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
53 Pirttilä T-RM, Kauppinen RA. Regulation of intracellular pH in guinea pig cerebral cortex ex vivo studied by 31P and 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: Role of extracellular bicarbonate and chloride.
54 Pöyhönen M et al. Polyamine metabolism and excretion. Effects of trauma, sepsis and nutritional support.
55 Rönkkö S. Phospholipases A2 in human and bovine male reproductive tract. Distribution, purification and properties.
56 Rönkkö S et al. Partial characterization of a fraction from bull seminal vesicle fluid that potentiates the bull sperm acrosome reaction in vitro.
57 Törrönen R et al. Hepa-1 enzyme induction assay as an in vitro indicator of the CYP1A1-inducing potencies of laboratory rodent diets in vivo.
58 Usenius J-P et al. Quantitative metabolite patterns of human brain tumors: Detection by 1H NMR spectroscopy in vivo and in vitro.
59 Usenius J-P et al. Choline-containing compounds in human astrocytomas studied by 1H NMR spectroscopy in vivo and in vitro.
60 Vainio P et al. Reduced N-acetylaspartate concentration in temporal lobe epilepsy by quantitative 1H MRS in vivo.

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