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Julkaisut 1993
Publications 1993

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1 Hakola HPA et al. Long-term effects of bilateral frontal lobe lesions from neuropsychiatric and neuroradiological aspects.
2 Herrgård E et al. Neurodevelopmental profile at five years of children born at ¾ 32 weeks gestation.
3 Leino M. Studies comparing the efficacy of nedocromil sodium eye drops with socium cromoglycate and placebo in seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.
4 Leino M et al. A double-blind group comparative study of ophthalmic sodium cromoglycate, 2 % four times daily and 4 % twice daily, in the treatment of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.
5 Leino M et al. Elektroretinografia.
6 Leino M et al. Lens opacity: five year follow-up of patients with hypercholesterolemia receiving simvastatin treatment.
7 Mannens M et al. The importance og DNA analysis in sporadic aniridia.
8 Mäntyjärvi M. Colour vision in diabetic patients after photocoagulation treatment.
9 Mäntyjärvi M. Screening of red-green defectives with Hahn colour vision test.
10 Mäntyjärvi M et al. Diabeetikkojen säännölliset silmätarkastukset perusterveydenhuollossa.
11 Mäntyjärvi M, Teräsvirta M. Contrast sensitivity in ocular hypertension and glaucoma.
12 Mäntyjärvi M et al. Color vision in Purtscher's disease.
13 Puustjärvi T et al. Mistä palvelutuotteiden hinta muodostuu julkisella sektorilla?
14 Repo L et al. Generalized transluminance of the iris and the frequency of the pseudoexfoliation syndrome in the eyes of transcient ischemic attack patients.
15 Rouhiainen P et al. Comparison of the lens opacities classification system II and lensmeter 701.
16 Rouhiainen P et al. Association of corneal arcus with ultrasonographically assessed arterial wall thickness and serum lipids.
17 Tuppurainen K. Silmäluomen basaliooman jäädytyshoidon pitkäaikaistulokset.
18 Tuppurainen K et al. Ocular findings in prematurely born children at 5 years of age.

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