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Julkaisut 1993
Publications 1993

1 Aalto H et al. A measurement system for the vestibulo-ocular reflex.
2 Aaltomaa S et al. Demographic prognostic factors in breast cancer.
3 Aaltomaa S et al. Comparison of classic and quantitative prognostic factors in hormone receptor-positive and hormone receptor-negative female breast cancer.
4 Aaltomaa S et al. Predictive value of a morphometric prognostic index (MPI) in female breast cancer.
5 Aaltomaa S et al. The young females have rapidly proliferating breast tumours and unfavorable prognosis.
6 Aaltomaa S et al. Masta cells in breast cancer.
7 Aaltomaa S et al. Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PC10) immunolabelling and other proliferation indices as prognostic factors in breast cancer.
8 Aaltomaa S et al. Nucleolar organizer regions related to morphometry, flow cytometry, sex steroid receptor content, tumour histology and prognosis in female breast cancer.
9 Aaltomaa S et al. Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) immunolabelling as a prognostic factor in axillary lymph node negative breast cancer.
10 Aaltonen L et al. Clues to the pathogenesis of familial colorectal cancer.
11 Agrawal R et al. Effect of gamma-interferon or cycloheximide treatment on viral and c-myc transcripts in bovine-papillomavirus-type-1-transformed primary mouse fibroblasts.
12 Ahonen M et al. Tehohoidossa olevan potilaan välittömän hoitotyön tarve.
13 Ahonen R. Särkylääkkeiden kulutus Suomessa ja muissa Pohjoismaissa.
14 Ahonen R. Särkylääkkeiden kulutus Suomessa.
15 Ahonen R et al. Use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs in Finland: A cross-sectional analysis in 1976 and 1987.
16 Ahopelto J, Raatikainen I, eds. Yrittäjyyden ja johtamisen haasteita.
17 Airaksinen KE et al. Valsalva manoeuvre in the assessment of baroreflex sensitivity in patients with coronary artery disease.
18 Airaksinen M. Luonnonlääkkeiden asema Suomessa.
19 Airaksinen M et al. Drug information from pharmacies: desire for more spontaneous information.
20 Airaksinen M, Saano V. Yhteiskuntatieteellisen tutkimuksen ja mainonnan antama kuva luonnonlääkkeiden käytöstä ja käyttöaiheista Suomessa.
21 Airaksinen M, Saano V. Lääkkeet ja luontaistuotteet - paha sekaannus ja yhä pahenee.
22 Airaksinen MM et al. Binding sites for (3H)pinoline.
23 Airaksinen O et al. The effects of intermittent pneumatic compression on the thickness of subcutis.
24 Ala-opas M et al. Prostakath in urinary outflow obstruction.
25 Alhainen K et al. The relationship of cerebrospinal fluid monoamine metabolites with clinical response to tetrahydroaminocridine in patients with Alzheimer's disease.
26 Alhainen K et al. Psychometric discrimination of tetrahydroaminoacridine responders in Alzheimer patients.
27 Alhainen K, Riekkinen PJ. Discrimination of Alzheimer patients responding to cholinesterase inhibitor therapy.
28 Alm S et al. Personal exposures of preschool children to carbon monoxide: the role of gas stoves.
29 Antikainen R. Hoidon koettu onnistuminen psykiatrisen avo-osaston toiminnan tuloksellisuuden kuvaajana.
30 Antikainen R et al., ed. Psykiatrian tuloksia etsimässä.
31 Arnala I et al. KYS:ssa vuonna 1990 hoidetut reisiluun yläosan murtumat.
32 Aro A et al., ed. Kliininen ravitsemus.
33 Arokoski J et al. Long-distance running causes site-dependent decrease of cartilage glycosaminoglycan content in the knee joints of beagle dogs.
34 Arokoski J et al. Effects of aerobic long distance running training (up to 40 km -day1) of 1-year duration on blood and endocrine parameters of female beagle dog.
35 Arumäe U et al. Neurotrophins and their receptors in rat peripheral trigeminal system during maxillary nerve growth.
36 Auramo Y et al. Otoneurological expert system ONE for vertigo and dizziness.
37 Auriola S et al. Determination of polyethylene glycols by high-performance liquid chromatography-thermospray mass spectrometry.
38 Baastrup PC et al. A controlled Nordic multicentre study of zuclopenthizol acetate in oil solution, haloperidol and zuclopenthixol in the treatment of acute psychosis.
39 Babary JP et al. Modelling of distributed parameter bioreactors.
40 Back RJR, Sere K. Superposition Refinement of Reactive Systems.
41 Bergström K et al. Synthesis of 5-123-I. Iodonicotinamide and biodistribution in rat.
42 Berzaghi M et al. Cholinergic regulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and nerve growth factor (NGF) but not neurotrophin-3(NT-3) mRNA levels in the developing hippocampus.
43 Bourguignon MH et al. Protocols for selection of cardiac radionuclide studies for use a data base of normal studies and typical patterns of diseases.
44 Brankack J et al. Epileptogenic spikes and seizures but not high voltage spindles are induced by local frontal cortical application of gamma-hydroxybutyrate.
45 Brooks KJ, Kauppinen RA. Calcium-mediated damage following hypoxia in cerebral cortex ex vivo studied by NMR spectroscopy. Evidence for direct involvement of voltage-gated Ca2+-channels.
46 Brooks KJ et al. Delayed increase in intracellular Na+ in cerebral cortical slices during severe hypoxia as measured by double quantum filtered 23Na+ NMR.
47 Böstman O et al. Absorbable polyglycolide pins in internal fixation of fractures in children.
48 Camus AM et al. High variability of nitrosamine metabolism among individuals: role of cytochromes P450 2A6 and 2E1 in the dealkylation of N-nitrosodimethylamine and nitrosodiethylamine in mice and humans.
49 Castrén E et al. Differential effects of MK-801 on the brain-derived neurotrophic factor mRNA levels in different regions of the rat brain.
50 Castrén E et al. The induction of LTP increases BDNF and NGF mRNA but decreases NT-3 mRNA in the dentate gyrus.
51 Chang F et al. The p53 tumor suppressor gene as a common cellular target in human carcinogenesis.
52 Chang F et al. Screening for human papillomavirus infections in esophageal squamous-cell carcinomas by in situ hybridization.
53 Chang F et al. Demonstration of human papillomavirus (HPV) type 30 in esophageal squamous-cell carcinomas by in situ hybridization.
54 Chang F et al. Tumourigenesis associated with the p53 tumour suppressor gene.
55 Ciftcioglu N, Kajander EO. Asthma, allergic rhinitis, and nasopharyngeal normal flora.
56 Cochius JI et al. Unverricht-Lundbord disease: absence of nonallelic genetic heterogeneity.
57 Cochius Ji et al. Unverssicht-Lundborg disease: absence of nonallelic genetic heterogeneity.
58 Cormio L et al. Toxicity and immediate allergenicity of latex gloves.
59 Deeb SS et al. Human hexokinase II: sequence and homology to other hexokinases.
60 Dong W et al. Identification of a leucine-toproline mutation in the keratin 5 gene in a family with the generalized Köbner type of epidermolysis bullosa simplex.
61 Douglas DA et al. Induction of folicular development in silver foxes (vulpes vulpes) with equine chrorionic gonadotrophin (eCG) and antibodies against eCG.
62 Drummond M et al. Economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals: a European perspective.
63 Ebeling H. Lasten- ja nuorisopsykiatrisen osastopotilaan työntekijässä herättämät tunnereaktiot.
64 Ebeling T. Familial aggregation of hypercholesterolemia. A population-based study in Kuopio province.
65 Elonen E et al. Intensive chemotherapy of adult AML: a randomized trial between 4 and 8 cycles.
66 Enlund H. Luontaistuotteet - aikamme patenttilääkkeitä? Pääkirjoitus.
67 Enlund H. Preparing the pharmacy student for community pharmacy practice.
68 Erkinjuntti T, Sulkava R. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of differential diagnosis of dementia.
69 Erkinjuntti T, Sulkava R. Muistihäiriöt ja dementia.
70 Eskelinen M et al. A multiparameter diagnostic score in clinical diagnosis of acute cholecystitis: a prospective study of 1333 patients with acute abdominal pain.
71 Eskelinen M et al. Diagnostic approaches in acute cholecystitis; a prospective study of 1333 patients with acute abdominal pain.
72 Eskelinen M et al. The value of history and clinical examination in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in childhood with special reference of computer-based decision making.
73 Eskelinen M et al. The value of histoquantitative measurements in prognostic assessment of renal adenocarcinoma.
74 Finnish Leukaemia Group: Palva IP et al. Corticosteroid is not beneficial in multipledrug combination chemotherapy for multiple myeloma.
75 Fletcher A et al. The assessment of quality of life in the SYST-EUR trial.
76 Fogel WA et al. Histaminergic activity remains normal in portocaval shunted rats.
77 Fogelholm GM et al. Gradual and rapid weight loss: effects on nutrition and performance in male athletes.
78 Fogelholm R et al. Impact of early surgery on the outcome after aneurysmal subarachoid hemorrhage: a population based study.
79 Fommei E and the European Multicenter Study Group. Captopril radionuclide test in renovaskular hypertension: a European multicentere study.
80 Forss H. The release of fluoride and other elements from light-cured glass-ionomers in neutral and acidic conditions.
81 Forss H. Effects of glass-ionomer cements in vitro and in the oral environment.
82 Forss H. Paikkamateriaalien valinnasta.
83 Frankenhaeuser M et al. Dioxin and furan formation in Co-combustion of used packiging with peat and coal.
84 Frankenhaeuser M et al. Organic emissions from Co-combustion of mixed plastics with coal in a bubbling fluidized bed boiler.
85 Fregatov I et al. The roentgenological diagnosis of the Le Fort types fractures (in russian).
86 Fridlund B. Social support and social network after myocardial infarction; the critically ill male patients' needs, choice, and motives.
87 Fujikura T et al., ed. Guidelines for Breeding and Care of Laboratory Animals.
88 Gadian DG et al. Brain damage studied by NMR and other methods. NMR spectroscopy: current status and future possibilities.
89 Gadian DG et al. NMR spectroscopy: current status and future possibilities.
90 Grucza R et al. Influence in the menstrual cycle and oral contraceptives on thermoregulatory responses to exercise in young women.
91 Grucza R et al. Influence of the menstrual cycle and oral contraceptives on thermoregulatory responses to exercise in young women.
92 Grönfors M. Minorities and the common culture.
93 Grönfors M. Tutkimuksen tausta ja toteutus.
94 Grönfors T. On identification of auditory brainstem responses.
95 Grönfors T. Peak identification of auditory brainstem responses with multifilters and attributed automaton.
96 Grönfors T. An attributed automaton for assessment of pulse wave of peripheral blood flow.
97 Grönfors T, Juhola M. On digital filtering of auditory brainstem responses.
98 Haapalinna A et al. Alfa-2-antagonistin vaikutus oppimis- ja muistitoimintoihin koe-eläimillä.
99 Haapanen N. Kirja-arvostelu. Vuorela Terho: Toiminnan arvioinnin tutkimusotteiden kehitys.
100 Haatainen J et al. Itsemurhaa yrittänyt päivystyspotilas yleissairaalassa.
101 Haataja S et al. Characterization of a novel bacterial adhesion specificity of Streptococcus suis recognizing blood group P receptor oligosaccharides.
102 Hakola HPA et al. Long-term effects of bilateral frontal lobe lesions from neuropsychiatric and neuroradiological aspects.
103 Hakola P. Neuropsykiatriset aspektit oikeuspsykiatriassa.
104 Hakola P. Prefrontaalinen psychosyndrooma.
105 Hakola P. Aggressiivisuus ja väkivalta.
106 Hakola P. Psykiatrisista häiriöistä ja sairauksista.
107 Hakola P. Lainsäädäntö ja oikeuspsykiatrian tehtäväkenttä.
108 Hakola P, Sulkava R. Neuropsykiatrinen tutkimus.
109 Hakola T et al. Aging and circadian adjustment to night work.
110 Hakovirta H et al. Polyamines and regulation of spermatogenesis: selective stimulation of late spermatogonia in transgenic mice overexpressing human ornithine decarboxylase gene.
111 Hallikainen H et al. The importance of neurophysiological evaluation of plexus brachialis injury caused by open heart surgery.
112 Halme L et al. Oral findings in patients with active or Crohn's disease.
113 Halmekytö M. Expression of the human ornithine decarboxylase gene in transgenic mice.
114 Halmekytö M et al. Transgenic mice over-producing putrescine in their tissues do not convert the diamine into higher polyamines.
115 Halmekytö M et al. Regulation of the expression of human ornithine decarboxylase gene and ornithine decarboxylase promoter-driven reporter gene in transgenic mice.
116 Halonen I et al. Formation of polychlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans in incineration of refuse derived fuel and biosludge.
117 Halonen I et al. Formation of organic chlorinated compounds in incineration of pulp and paper mill biosludges.
118 Halonen I et al. Formation of polychlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans in incineration of RDF and pulp and paper mill sludges.
119 Halonen T et al. Elevated seizure threshold and impaired spatial learning in transgenic mice with putrescine overproduction in the brain.
120 Harisalo R. Julkisten palveluiden tukijärjestelmä kunnallishallinnossa: kokeiluja, kokemuksia ja ideoita.
121 Harisalo R. Kunta palveluiden järjestäjänä.
122 Harisalo R. Powershift in democracy, public services and local government.
123 Harisalo R. Uusia ulottuvuuksia julkisen hallinon tutkimiseksi. Pääkirjoitus.
124 Harisalo R. Teollinen vallankumous nyt. Pääkirjoitus.
125 Harisalo R. Kunnat vedenjakajina. Pääkirjoitus.
126 Harisalo R. Julkinen koululaitos vedenjakajalla: vapaakuntakokeilun käyttämättömät mahdollisuudet.
127 Harisalo R, Korhonen T. Hinnoittelusta ja riistohinnoittelusta terveydenhuollossa.
128 Harisalo R, Korhonen T. Kuntien muuttuvat palvelujärjestelmät: kokemuksia kuntien uusista työkaluista.
129 Harri M. Mental wellbeing of nurse educators at work.
130 Harri M. Pig behavior.
131 Harri M et al. Stomach ulcer and adrenal weight as indices of stress in farm mink.
132 Hartikainen J et al. Circadian variation of cardiac autonomic regulation during 24-h bed rest.
133 Hartikainen P et al. Cognitive and memory deficits in untreated Parkinson's disease and amyotropic lateral sclerosis patients: a comparative study.
134 Harvima IT et al. Separation and partial characterization of proteinases with substrate specificity for basic amino acids from human MOLT-4 T lymphocytes: identification of those inhibited by variable-loop-V3 peptides of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein.
135 Harvima IT et al. Mast cell tryptase and chymase in developing and mature psoriatic lesions.
136 Harvima IT et al. Association of cutaneous mast cells and sensory nerves with psychic stress in psoriasis.
137 Harvima RJ et al. Screening of effects of selenomethionine-enriched yeast supplementation on various immunological and chemical parameters of skin and blood in psoriatic patients.
138 Harvima RJ et al. Screening of selenomethionine-enriched yeast supplementation on various immunological and chemical parameters of skin and blood in psoriatic patients.
139 Harvima RJ, Schwartz LB. Mast cell-derived mediators.
140 Hautaoja P et al. Johtavien hoitajien ammatti-identiteetti ja ammattietiikka.
141 Hedman AE et al. Power spectral analysis of heart rate and blood pressure variability in anaesthetized dogs.
142 Heikkilä M et al. Voidaanko erittäin niukkaenerginen ruokavalio-ohjelma toteuttaa avohoidossa?
143 Heikkinen A et al. Psykosomaattisesti oireilevien potilaiden psykiatrisen osastohoidon tuloksellisuus.
144 Heinonen O et al. Circulating immune complexes in sera from patients with Alzheimer's disease, multi-infarct dementia and Down's syndrome.
145 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. The hygiene of aerated livestock slurry and its use in cultivation of ley.
146 Heiskanen ML et al. Insemination results with stallion semen stored for two days.
147 Helkala EL, Riekkinen P. Neuropsykologiset teoriat otsalohkojen toiminnasta.
148 Hellberg D et al. Behavior of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) associated with various human papillomavirus (HPV) types.
149 Helminen H et al. Transgenic mice expressing an internally deleted gene of human type II procollagen: young mice have a phenotype of chondrodysplasia and older mice have osteoarthritis.
150 Helminen H et al. An inbred line of transgenic mice expressing an internally deleted gene for type II procollagen (COL2A1). Young mice have a variable phenotype of a chondrodysplasia and older mice have osteoarthritic changes in joints.
151 Helminen H et al. Superficial zone of articular cartilage after immobilization and running training: is proteoglycan depletion the clue to the pathogenesis of osteoarthrosis?
152 Hentinen M, Perälä ML. Hoitotieteellisen tutkimuksen nykytila: analyysi kansainvälisen tutkijakonferenssin abstrakteista.
153 Henttonen P et al. Moulting, growth, survival and colour of crayfish Astacus astacus cages (L) juvelines fed diets with and without green plant material and maintined in individual and communal tanks.
154 Hernesniemi J et al. Kaularangan degeneratiivisten sairauksien leikkaushoidot.
155 Hernesniemi J et al. One-year outcome in early aneurysm surgery: a 14 years experience.
156 Herrgård E. Pienten keskosten kehitysneurologinen profiili.
157 Herrgård E. Neurodevelopmental profile at the age of five years of children born preterm at ¾ 32 weeks of gestation.
158 Herrgård E et al. Neurodevelopmental profile at five years of children born at ¾ 32 weeks gestation.
159 Hersio K. Metabolic response to injury and its modification with amino acids using coronary artery bypass surgery and subarachnoidal hemorrhage as standard trauma.
160 Hersio K et al. Patterns of energy expenditure in intensive care patients.
161 Hersio K et al. Lack of Ebb phase after injury - a re-evaluation of the patterns of energy expenditure in intensive care patients.
162 Himanen MR, Krause K. Ammatilliset valmiudet ja uudistunut sairaanhoitajakoulutus.
163 Hippeläinen M et al. Mitotic activity index, volume corrected mitotic index and human papilloma-virus suggestive morphology are not prognostic factors in carcinoma of oesophagus.
164 Hippeläinen MI et al. Prevalence and risk factors of genital human papillomavirus (HPV) infections in healthy males. A study on finnish conscripts.
165 Hippeläinen MI et al. Diagnosis of genital human papillomavirus (HPV) lesions in the male: correlation of peniscopy, histology and in situ hybridization.
166 Hirvonen A. Lasten kuumeen ja kivun hoito.
167 Hirvonen J et al. Transdermal iontophosesis of sotalol and salicylate; the effect of skin charge and peneration enhancers.
168 Hirvonen J et al. Concentration-effect relationships of transdermal penetration enhancers.
169 Hirvonen J et al. Transdermal penetration enhancers in rabbit pinna skin: duration of action, skin irritation, and in vivo/in vitro comparison.
170 Hirvonen MR et al. Carbachol- and KCI-induced changes in phosphoinositide metabolism and free calcium in guinea pig cerebral cortex synaptosomes.
171 Hirvonen MR et al. Sustained effects of pilocarpine-induced convulsions on brain inositol and inositol monophosphate levels and brain morphology in young and old male rats.
172 Hirvonen MR et al. Malaoxon-induced neurotoxicity in old rats : alterations in cerebral inositol lipid signalling, brain tissue calcium levels and early neuronal injury.
173 Hirvonen MR, Savolainen KM. Malaoxon-induced brain phosphoinositide turnover and changes in brain calcium levels by female gender in pregnant and non-pregnant convulsing and non-convulsing rats.
174 Ho K et al. The genetic drift of human papillomavirus type 16 is a means reconstructing prehistoric viral spread and the movement of ancient human populations.
175 Holmalahti J et al. Transformable mutants of a biopesticide strain Streptomyces griseoviridis K61.
176 Holopainen JK et al. Conifer aphids in an air-polluted environment I. Aphid density, growth and accumulation of sulphur and nitrogen by Scots pine and Norway spruce seedlings.
177 Holopainen T, Heinonen-Tanski H. Effects of different nitrogen sources on the growth of Scots pine seedligs and the ultrastructure and development of their mycorrhizae.
178 Honkakoski P et al. Cytochrome P4502A-mediated coumarin 7-hydroxylation and testosterone hydroxylation in mouse and rat lung.
179 Honkonen V et al. Influence of shift and rotation distortion on optical correlators.
180 Huner J et al. Effects of bilateral eyestalk abiation on juvenile noble crayfish, Astacus astacus (L.), in central Finland.
181 Husman K. Principles and piftalls in health services research in occupational health systems.
182 Husman K, Antti-Poika M. Vaarojen ehkäisystä työkyvyn ylläpitoon.
183 Husman T et al. Respiratory symptoms and infections among residents in dwellings with humidity problems or mould growth.
184 Huttunen J, Hämäläinen J. Vanhempien kasvattajaominaisuuksista ja isätyypeistä.
185 Huuskonen H et al. Effects of low-frequency magnetic fields on fetal development in rats.
186 Hynninen PH, Lötjönen S. Hydrogen bonding of water to chlorophyll a and its derivatives as detected by 1H-NMR spectroscopy.
187 Hynninen PH, Lötjönen S. Effects of Ò-Ò interaction on the 1H NMR spectra and solution structures of pheophytin a and a' dimers.
188 Hyrylä M. Riskit palvelutoiminnassa: leikkaukset ja leikkaushaavatulehdukset puhtausluokittain Suomessa 1988 - 1990, leikkaushaavatulehdusten seuranta ja potilasvahinkomenettely.
189 Hyrylä M. Hoitokäytännön yhteydet leikkaushaavatulehduksiin.
190 Hyrylä M. Leikkaushaavatulehdukset leikkausten riskeinä ja niiden yhteiskunnalliset kustannukset Suomessa 1988-1990.
191 Hyrylä M, Sintonen H. Leikkaushaavatulehdusten yhteiskunnalliset kustannukset Suomessa 1988 -1990.
192 Hyvärinen A et al. Composition of fungal flora in mold problem houses determined with four different methods.
193 Hyvärinen A et al. Characterizing mold problem building - concentrations and flora of viable fungi.
194 Hyyppä MT, Lehtonen J. Unihäiriöt ja depressio.
195 Hämäläinen J. Social pedagogic orientation in the vocational teacher education of social work.
196 Hämäläinen J. Vospitanie Roditelei. Konzepzii, napravlenija i perspektivi.
197 Hämäläinen J, Kraav I. Perhepolitiikka ja vanhempien ulkoiset toimintaedellytykset Suomessa ja Virossa: vertaileva tutkimus.
198 Hänninen A et al. Potilaan Rh-määrityksen uusi suositus.
199 Hänninen O. ICLAS and international collaboration in laboratory animal science: promotion of biomedical research.
200 Hänninen O et al. A method for facilitating the use of algae growing on tree trunks an bioindicators of air quality.
201 Iivanainen EK et al. Environmental factors affecting the occurrence of mycobacteria in brook waters.
202 Ikäheimo R et al. Characteristics of escherichia coli in acute community-acquired systitis of adult women.
203 Ikäheimo R et al. Virulence characteristics of escherichia coli in nosocomial urinary tract infection.
204 Ilkka J et al. The effect of lubrication method on the measured compression parameters.
205 Ilkka J, Paronen P. Prediction of the compression behaviour of powder mixtures by the Henkel equation.
206 Isotalo E et al. Eye tracking during random pursuit test.
207 Iwasaki M et al. Engineering mouse P450Coh to a novel corticosterone 15A-hydroxylase and moleling steroid-binding orientation in the substrate pocket.
208 Iwasaki M et al. Site-directed mutagenesis of mouse steroid 7A-hydrozylase (cytochrome P450 7A): role of residue-209 in determining steroid-cytochrome P-450 interaction.
209 Jalkanen L. Sperm abnormalities in silver fox (vulpes vulpes) semen selected for artificial insemination.
210 Jalkanen L. Prospects of embryotechnology in fox research.
211 Janatuinen E et al. Gastrointestinal symptoms in middle-aged diabetic patients.
212 Janatuinen E et al. Carolin tauti ja synnynnäinen maksafibroosi.
213 Jansson K et al. Cytogenetic effects of 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy -2(5H)-furanone (MX) in rat peripheral lymphocytes in vitro and in vivo.
214 Jantunen E et al. Tunneloitavat keskuslaskimokatetrit hematologisten potilaiden hoidossa.
215 Jantunen E et al. Essential cryofibrinogenaemia, leukocytoclastic vasculitis and chronic purpura.
216 Jantunen I et al. 5-HT3 receptor antagonists in the prophylaxis of acute vomiting induced by moderately emetogenic chemotherapy - a randomized study.
217 Jarho P, Järvinen T. Syklodekstriinit farmaseuttisina apuaineina.
218 Jaussi A, Halinen M. Aspects cardiologiques de la conduite automobile.
219 Ji H et al. C-erbB-2 oncogene related to p53 expression, cell proliferation and prognosis in breast cancer.
220 Johansson R, Kellokumpu-Lehtinen P. Syövän hormonihoito ja biologinen hoito. Ajankohtaista syöpätaudeista.
221 Joki S et al. Effect of indoor air bioaerosols on ciliary beat frequency.
222 Jokinen C et al. Incidence of community-acquired pneumonia in the population of four municipalities in eastern Finland.
223 Jokinen C et al. Incidence of pneumonia in the population of four municipalities in Eastern Finland.
224 Jokinen V. Suojautuminen infektioriskipotilaan hammashoidossa.
225 Jolkkonen J et al. CSF corticotrophin-releasing factor is not affected in panic disorder.
226 Jormanainen V et al. Vaikuttaako lääkärin oma tupakointi annettavaan terveysneuvontaan.
227 Jortikka M et al. A high sensitivity dot-blot assay for proteoglycans by cuprolinic blue precipitation.
228 Joukainen J, Väätäinen U. Syrjäyttääkö MRI artroskopian?
229 Jousimaa J, Kunnamo I. PDRD-a computer-based primary care decision support system.
230 Jousimies-Somer H et al. Bacteriological findings of peritonsillar abscesses in young adults.
231 Juhola M, Meriste M. An attributed automaton for recognizing of nystagmus eye movements.
232 Juhola M et al. Computer analysis of vestibulo-ocular reflex.
233 Julkunen R et al. Kystinen maksa-sairaus ja sen nopea eteneminen.
234 Junnila S et al. Phytotoxic persistence and microbiological effects of metribuzin in different soils.
235 Juntunen K et al. A new application of a screw-plate for prosthetic reconstruction after bilateral total maxillectomy.
236 Jurvelin J et al. Functional and structural adaptation of canine knee articular cartilage to physiological loading.
237 Juuti S et al. Trichloroacetic acid in pine needles in the vicinity of a pulp mill.
238 Juuti S et al. Trichloroacetic acid in conifer needles an polluted and clean environments.
239 Juuti S et al. Uptake of trichloroacetic acid in pine needles in chamber tests.
240 Juutilainen J et al. Early pregnancy loss and exposure to 50-Hz magnetic field.
241 Juva K et al. Prevalence of dementia in the city of Helsinki.
242 Juvonen RO et al. Structural alteration of mouse P450COH by mutation of glycine-207 to proline: spin equilibrium, enzyme kinetics, and heat sensitivity.
243 Jäkälä P et al. The behavioral effects of serotonin synthesis inhibition and quisqualic acid induced lesions of the nucleus basalis magnocellularis in rats.
244 Jäkälä P et al. Effects of p-chlorophenylalanine and methysergide on the performance of a working memory task.
245 Jäkälä P et al. The effects of tacrine and zacopride on the performance of adult rats in the working memory task.
246 Järvinen K. Ocular and systemic absorption of ophthalmic timolol. Effects of pharmacokinetic interactions and eyedrop formulation.
247 Järvinen R et al. Dietary determinants of serum beta-carotene and serum retinol.
248 Järvinen R et al. Short-term and long-term reproducibility of dietary history interview data.
249 Kahilakoski E et al. Kuntainliiton 18-64 -vuotiaan väestön suun terveydentilan ja hoidon tarpeen kartoitus.
250 Kaija P et al. Millaiseksi farmaseutit ja proviisorit kokevat työnsä?
251 Kaija P, Enlund H. Lääkeneuvonta lisää farmaseuttien ja proviisorien työn mielekkyyttä.
252 Kaijalainen S et al. An alternative hot start technique for pcr in small volumes using beads of wax-embedded reaction components dried in trehalose.
253 Kainulainen P et al. Conifer aphids an air-polluted environment II. Host plant quality.
254 Kairisto V et al. Tarvitaanko viitevälien laaduntarkkailua?
255 Kaitalo H. Yhteistyö antaa merkityksen: vammaistyö yksityisen ja julkisen välissä.
256 Kaliste-Korhonen E et al. Phosphotriesterase decreases paraoxon toxicity in mice.
257 Kalliokoski P, Vilenius-Seppälä P. The effect of the ventilation rate on the level of airborne rat allergens in a laboratory animal facility.
258 Kansanen M. Ozaena and tracheopahtia chondro-osteoplastica. A clinical study with a special reference to ciliary ultrastructure and mucociliary function.
259 Karhapää P et al. Insulin resistance in familial and nonfamilial hypercholesterolemia.
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