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Department of Oral Surgery

Julkaisut 1993
Publications 1993

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1 Kotilainen RM. 20 years of education in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the university of Kuopio.
2 Kullaa A. Expression of intermediate filaments in human tongue mucosa.
3 Luotio K et al. Introduction of a new patient monitoring system during dental procedures: pulse oximetry.
4 Panula K et al. The need for orthognathic surgery in patiens born with complete cleft palate or complete unilateral cleft lip and palate.
5 Pursiainen M. Lipoprotein(A), a unique atherogenic lipoprotein, review on the literature and methodology.
6 Pursiainen M. Proteolytic degradation of low-density lipoprotein by lipoprotein (A) and by recombinant Apo(A).
7 Tuovinen V. A retrospective analysis of treatment of 279 patients with isolated mandibular fracture with titanium miniplates.

Hammas- ja suukirurgian laitos Department of Oral Surgery
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