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Julkaisut 1993
Publications 1993

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1 Bourguignon MH et al. Protocols for selection of cardiac radionuclide studies for use a data base of normal studies and typical patterns of diseases.
2 Honkonen V et al. Influence of shift and rotation distortion on optical correlators.
3 Könönen M, Partanen JV. Blocking of EEG alpha activity during visual performance in healthy adults. A quantitative study.
4 Lahtinen T et al. ICRU, reference points and maximum doses of rectum and bladder in intracavitary radiotherapy.
5 Lappalainen T et al. An automated method and device for the measurement of coating flexibility.
6 Olkkonen H. Chopper stabilized laser-Doppler skin blood velocimeter.
7 Puumalainen P. Paperin laadun ja siihen valmistusprosessissa vaikuttavien tekijöiden on-line mittaukset.
8 Siivola J et al. The ETMF-polymer transducer as a detector of the respiration in man.
9 Tiitta M et al. Automated low energy photon absorption equipment for measuring internal moisture and density distributions of wood samples.

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