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Julkaisut 1993
Publications 1993

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1 Auriola S et al. Determination of polyethylene glycols by high-performance liquid chromatography-thermospray mass spectrometry.
2 Hirvonen J et al. Transdermal iontophosesis of sotalol and salicylate; the effect of skin charge and peneration enhancers.
3 Hirvonen J et al. Concentration-effect relationships of transdermal penetration enhancers.
4 Hirvonen J et al. Transdermal penetration enhancers in rabbit pinna skin: duration of action, skin irritation, and in vivo/in vitro comparison.
5 Ilkka J et al. The effect of lubrication method on the measured compression parameters.
6 Ilkka J, Paronen P. Prediction of the compression behaviour of powder mixtures by the Henkel equation.
7 Jarho P, Järvinen T. Syklodekstriinit farmaseuttisina apuaineina.
8 Järvinen K. Ocular and systemic absorption of ophthalmic timolol. Effects of pharmacokinetic interactions and eyedrop formulation.
9 Ketolainen J et al. Temperature changes during tabletting measured using infrared thermoviewer.
10 Ketolainen J et al. Tablet temperature measurement by infrared thermoviewer.
11 Ketolainen J et al. Effect of mechanical treatment and storage on structure of cyclophosphamide.
12 Kontturi K et al. Electrochemical characterization of human skin by impedance spectroscopy: the effect of penetration enhancers.
13 MacDonald E et al. Comparison of cardiovascular effects of alpha2-adrenoceptor agonist, dexmedetomidine, in rats and rabbits.
14 MacDonald E et al. Systemic absoption and systemic effects of alpha2-agonist dexmedetomidine in rabbits after ocular administration.
15 Mönkkönen J et al. Liposome-mediated delivery of gallium to macrophage-like cells in vitro: demonstration of a transferrin-independent route for intracellular delivery of metal ions.
16 Mönkkönen J, Heath TD. The effects of liposome-encapsulated and free clodronate on the growth of macrophage-like cells in vitro: the role of calcium and iron.
17 Nuutinen J et al. A large-particle beclomethasone dipropionate in the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis.
18 Paronen P et al. Effect of water hydration on the physical properties of mechanically micronized and spray dried disodium cromoglycate.
19 Pennanen N. Polynukleotidit tulevaisuuden lääkkeinä.
20 Pirttimäki J et al. Effects of grinding and compression of crystal structure of anhydrous caffeine.
21 Ranta VP, Naaralahti T. Hermosoluista sokereihin. Sähkökemiallisten HPLC-detektoreiden uudet ulottuvuudet.
22 Saettone MF et al. Intraocular pressure reduction and systemic absorption of timolol after administration of one side-coated insert in rabbits.
23 Salminen L, Urtti A. Disease state models.
24 Silvasti M et al. Single dose comparison between a novel multiple dose powder inhaler and a conventional metered dose inhaler in asthmatic patients.
25 Sutinen R et al. Dissolution medium independent release of propranolol from silicone reservoir devices.
26 Sutinen R et al. Water activated and pH-controlled transdermal patch: drug absorption and skin irritation.
27 Tirkkonen S, Paronen P. Release of indomethacin from tabletted ethylcellulose microcapsules.
28 Turunen TM et al. Enhancer delivery of 5-fluorouracil through shed snake skin by two transdermal penetration enhancers.
29 Turunen TM et al. Effect of some penetration enhancers on epithelial membrane lipids.
30 Urtti A, ed. Proceedings of the Symposium on Methods to Overcome Biological Barries in Drug Delivery. August 26 - 28, 1993, Kuopio Finland.
31 Urtti A, Salminen L. Minimizing systemic absorption of topically administered ophthalmic drugs.
32 Urtti A, Salminen L. Animal pharmacokinetic models.
33 Vidgren M. Gammakameran käyttömahdollisuudet biofarmaseuttisessa lääkemuototutkimuksessa.
34 Vidgren M, Arppe J. In vitro comparison of three extension devices.
35 Vidgren M et al. Deposition of metered dose aerosols of salbutamol in healthy volunteers.
36 Vidgren M, Paronen P. Instrumentation of equipment.
37 Vidgren M et al. Gastrointestinal transit of 99mTc-labelled oral dosage forms of sucralfate in healthy volunteers.
38 Vidgren M, Sormunen H. In vitro comparison of the novel multiple dose powder inhaler, metered dose inhaler and Rotadisc powder device.

Farmasian teknologian ja biofarmasian laitos Department of Pharmaceutics
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