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Julkaisut 1993
Publications 1993

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1 Forss H. The release of fluoride and other elements from light-cured glass-ionomers in neutral and acidic conditions.
2 Forss H. Effects of glass-ionomer cements in vitro and in the oral environment.
3 Forss H. Paikkamateriaalien valinnasta.
4 Halme L et al. Oral findings in patients with active or Crohn's disease.
5 Laiho M et al. Three methods of oral health education in secondary schools.
6 Laine P et al. One-year trial on the effect on rinsing with amine-stannous fluoride containing mouthwash on periodontal index scores and salivary microbial counts in lymphoma patients receiving cytostatic drugs.
7 Laine PO et al. Lesions of the oral mucosa of lymphoma patients receiving cytostatic drugs.
8 Meurman JH. Tarvitsemmeko suulääkäreitä?
9 Meurman JH. Yleissairauskin voi edellyttää tutkimusta ja hoitoa keskussairaalan suusairauksien yksikössä.
10 Meurman JH. Hammaslääketieteestä suulääketieteeseen.
11 Meurman JH. Adherence and in vitro inhibition of oral streptococci.
12 Meurman JH et al. Alkoholi ja suu.
13 Meurman JH et al. Effect of anticancer drugs on patients with and without initially reduced salivary flow.
14 Meurman JH, Le Bell Y. Kuulumiset NOF:n ja IADR:n European Divisionin yhteiskongressista.
15 Nuuja T et al. Effect of chewable antiplaque preparation on plaque and gingival index scores in Military Academy cadets during their two-week winter camp.
16 Nuuja T et al. Xylitol and the bacterial effect of chlorhexidine and fluoride on Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sanquis.
17 Närhi TO et al. Salivary yeasts, saliva and oral mucosa in the elderly.
18 Pippola-Hatakka M et al. Oral health status in a Finnish village.
19 Rajasuo A et al. Periodontopathic bacteria salivary microbes before and after extraction of partly erupted third molars.
20 Rajasuo A et al. Comparison of the clinical status of third molars in young men in 1949 and in 1990.
21 Seppä L. Fluoriprofylaksia tänään.
22 Seppä L et al. The effect of fluoride application on fluoride release and the antibacterial action of glass ionomers.
23 Spets-Happonen S et al. The effect of different strontium concentrations on the efficacy of chlorhexidine-fluoride-strontium gel in preventing enamel softening in vitro.
24 Ventä I et al. Effect of erupting third molars on dental caries and gingival health.
25 Widström E, Forss H. Täytemateriaalien käyttö Suomessa - sosiaali- ja terveyshallituksen tutkimus.

Ehkäisevän hammaslääketieteen ja kariologian laitos Department of Preventive Dentistry and Cariology
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