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Julkaisut 1993
Publications 1993

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1 Brooks KJ, Kauppinen RA. Calcium-mediated damage following hypoxia in cerebral cortex ex vivo studied by NMR spectroscopy. Evidence for direct involvement of voltage-gated Ca2+-channels.
2 Brooks KJ et al. Delayed increase in intracellular Na+ in cerebral cortical slices during severe hypoxia as measured by double quantum filtered 23Na+ NMR.
3 Chang F et al. The p53 tumor suppressor gene as a common cellular target in human carcinogenesis.
4 Ciftcioglu N, Kajander EO. Asthma, allergic rhinitis, and nasopharyngeal normal flora.
5 Gadian DG et al. Brain damage studied by NMR and other methods. NMR spectroscopy: current status and future possibilities.
6 Haapalinna A et al. Alfa-2-antagonistin vaikutus oppimis- ja muistitoimintoihin koe-eläimillä.
7 Halonen T et al. Elevated seizure threshold and impaired spatial learning in transgenic mice with putrescine overproduction in the brain.
8 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. The hygiene of aerated livestock slurry and its use in cultivation of ley.
9 Hirvonen J et al. Transdermal iontophosesis of sotalol and salicylate; the effect of skin charge and peneration enhancers.
10 Hirvonen J et al. Concentration-effect relationships of transdermal penetration enhancers.
11 Hirvonen J et al. Transdermal penetration enhancers in rabbit pinna skin: duration of action, skin irritation, and in vivo/in vitro comparison.
12 Ji H et al. C-erbB-2 oncogene related to p53 expression, cell proliferation and prognosis in breast cancer.
13 Kauppinen R. Aivokasvain ja multippeliskleroosi.
14 Kauppinen RA. 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy identifies neural cell types: a promising step for neuroimaging.
15 Kauppinen RA et al. Quantitative analysis of 1H NMR detected proteins in the rat cerebral cortex in vivo and in vitro.
16 Kauppinen RA et al. Applications of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and diffusion-weighted imaging to the study of brain biochemistry and pathology.
17 Keinänen TA et al. Application of oxime formation in a radiometric assay of aminooxy compounds.
18 Kontturi K et al. Electrochemical characterization of human skin by impedance spectroscopy: the effect of penetration enhancers.
19 Kröger H et al. Development of bone mass and bone density of the spine and femoral neck - a prospective study of 65 children and adolescents.
20 Kuronen I et al. Production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against human osteocalcin sequences and development of a two-site ELISA for intact human osteocalcin.
21 Lahtinen H et al. Preservation of hippocampal NMDA receptors may be crucial for spatial learning after epileptic seizures in rats.
22 Lipponen P et al. p53 protein expression in breast cancer as related to histopathological characteristics and prognosis.
23 Mononen I et al. Aspartylglycosaminuria: protein chemistry and molecular biology of the most common lysosomal storage disorder of glycoprotein degradation.
24 Mononen IT et al. A fluorometric assay for glycosylasparaginase activity and detection of aspartylglycosaminuria.
25 Mönkkönen J et al. Liposome-mediated delivery of gallium to macrophage-like cells in vitro: demonstration of a transferrin-independent route for intracellular delivery of metal ions.
26 Mönkkönen J, Heath TD. The effects of liposome-encapsulated and free clodronate on the growth of macrophage-like cells in vitro: the role of calcium and iron.
27 Nuutinen J et al. Ciliary beating frequency in chronic sinusitis.
28 Pasanen PA et al. The value of combined use of serum tumour markers and nuclear magnetic spectroscopy of plasma in the detection of pancreatic cancer among patients with jaundice or cholestasis; results from a prospective study.
29 Pasanen PA et al. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of plasma in distinction between malignant and benign diseases causing jaundice and cholestasis.
30 Petäistö RL, Kajander EO. The ability of Gremmeniella abietina to hydrolyze polygalacturonic acid.
31 Pirskanen A et al. Insulin-like growth factor-1 modulates steroid hormone effects on osteocalcin synthesis in human MG-63 osteosarcoma cells.
32 Pirttilä TRM et al. 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy study of cerebral glutamate in an ex vivo brain preparation of guinea pig.
33 Pirttilä TRM, Kauppinen RA. Extracellular pH and buffering power determine intracellular pH in cortical brain slices during and following hypoxia.
34 Riekkinen M et al. Pharmacological consequences of nicotinergic plus serotonergic manipulations.
35 Riekkinen P Jr et al. The effects of alpha-2-adrenoceptor stimulation on neocortical EEG activity in control and 6-hydroxydopamine dorsal noradrenergic bundle-lesioned rats.
36 Riekkinen P Jr et al. Effects of muscarinic receptor agonists and anticholinesterase drugs on high voltage spindles and slow waves.
37 Saano V et al. Influence of Chinoin-170, a novel antitussive, on the mucociliary activity in respiratory airways of rats, rabbits, Guinea-pigs and man.
38 Schwab U et al. Effects of two fat-modified diets on glucose and lipid metabolism in healthy subjects.
39 Sutinen R et al. Dissolution medium independent release of propranolol from silicone reservoir devices.
40 Tuomisto J, Ruuskanen J, eds. First Finnish Conference of Environmental Sciences, Kuopio, October 8-9, 1993. Proceedings. Environmental Research in Finland today.
41 Tuppurainen M et al. Osteoporosis risk factors, gynaecological history and fractures in perimenopausal women - the results of the baseline postal enquiry of the Kuopio osteoporosis risk factor and prevention study.
42 Turunen TM et al. Enhanced delivery of 5-fluorouracil through shed snake skin by two transdermal penetration enhancers.
43 Urtti A, Salminen L. Minimizing systemic absorption of topically administered ophthalmic drugs.
44 Usenius JP et al. Magneettispektroskopia - uusi aivojen tutkimusmenetelmä.
45 Åkerman KK et al. Scanning electron microscopy of Nanobacteria - novel biofilm producing organisms in blood.

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