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Julkaisut 1992
Publications 1992

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1 Auramo Y et al. An otoneurological expert system for the diagnosis of dizziness and vertigo.
2 Damak T et al. Observer design and sensor location in distributed parameter bioreactors.
3 Damak T et al. Application of a collocation method for simulation of distributed parameter bioreactors.
4 Grönfors T, Juhola M. Evaluation of some nonrecursive digital filters for signals of auditory evoked responses.
5 Grönfors T, Juhola M. Experiments and comparison of inference methods of regular grammars.
6 Grönfors T, Juhola M. A microcomputer system for assessment of evoked potentials.
7 Juhola M, Laine M. Preliminary simulation of aphasic naming errors with a network model.
8 Juhola M, Pyykkö I. On identification of saccades from sinusoidal eye movement signals.
9 Laine M, Juhola M. Modelin aphasic naming disorders by computer simulation.
10 Laine T et al. A study in 47,XXY men of the expression of sex-chromosome anomalies in dental occlusion.
11 Mantere K et al. Wilson-Cowan neural-network model in image processing.
12 Nihtilä M. Input delay systems. Adaptive control and lumped approximations. Mathematics of the analysis and design of process control.
13 Nihtilä M et al. Controller design for a nonlinear distributed parameter system via a collacation method.
14 Nihtilä MT et al. Orthogonal collocation approach in simulation of a distributed parameter bioreactor.
15 Pyykkö I et al. Dysrhythmia of caloric nystagmus, fact or fiction?
16 Selkäinaho K. Multiple rank modification in image restoration.
17 Zeng FY et al. Adaptive estimation and control ot the specific growth rate of a nonlinear fermentation process via MRAC method.
18 Zeng FY et al. Parameter estimation via fixed leakage modification scheme for a class of nonlinear systems.

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