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Julkaisut 1992
Publications 1992

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1 Agrawal R et al. Bovine papillomavirus type 1-transformed primary mouse fibroblasts show no correlation between tumorigenicy and viral gene expression, but c-myc gene expression is elevated in tumorigenic cell lines.
2 Agrawal R et al. Integration of bovine papillomavirus type 1 DNA and analysis of the amplified virus-cell junctions in transformed primary mouse fibroblasts.
3 Brander E et al. Characterization of a distinct group of slowly growing mycobacteria by biochemical tests and lipid analyses.
4 Heinonen O et al. JC virus infection and Alzheimer's disease: Reappraisal of an in situ hybridization approach.
5 Ishiji T et al. Transcriptional enhancer factor (TEF)-1 and its cell-specific coactivator activate human papillomavirus-16 E6 and E7 oncogene transcription in keratinocytes and cervical carcinoma cells.
6 Kataja V et al. Prognostic factors in cervical human papillomavirus infections.
7 Korppi M et al. Role of Moraxella (Branhamella) catarrhalis as a respiratory pathogen in children.
8 Korppi M et al. Role of non-capsulated Haemophilus influenzae as a respiratory pathogen in children.
9 Korppi M et al. Pneumococcal finding in a sample from upper airways does not indicate pneumococcal infection of lower airways.
10 Kröger L et al. Rapid decrease in tuberculin skin test reactivity at preschool age after newborn vaccination.
11 Kröger L et al. Skin test reactivity to atypical mycobakteria among healthy Finnish preschool children vaccinated with BCG vaccine at birth.
12 Laatikainen A et al. Effect of interferon gamma on the sensitivity of bovine-papilloma-virus(BPV1)-transformed cell lines to cell-mediated cytotoxicity.
13 Ojanen T. Class specific antibodies in serodiagnosis of farmer's lung.
14 Ollikainen J et al. Hydrops-fetalis associated with ureaplasma-urealyticum.
15 Rautiainen M et al. Nasal sensitization of dairy farmers to bovine epithelial and urinary antigens.
16 Reijula K et al. Detection of airborne reindeer epithelial antigen by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay inhibition.
17 Seppälä H et al. A-streptokokkien erytromysiini-resistenssi Suomessa.
18 Seppälä H et al. Emergence of erythromycin resistance in group A streptococci.
19 The Scandinavian Multicenter Study Group (Yliskoski M, Mäntyjärvi R). Polymerase chain reaction and direct DNA tests in detection of human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA in cytologically normal and abnormal cervical smears.
20 Virtanen T et al. Long- and short-term variability of airborne bovine epithelial antigen concentrations in cowsheds.
21 Yliskoski M et al. Clinical course of cervical human papillomavirus lesions in relation to coexistent cervical infections.
22 Ylönen J et al. Comparison of the antigenic and allergenic properties of three types of bovine epithelial material.
23 Ylönen J et al. IgG and IgE antibody responses to cow dander and urine in farmers with cow-induced asthma.
24 Örmälä T et al. Fungal gut colonization with candida or pityrosporium sp and serum candida antigen in preterm neonates with very low birth weights.

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