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Julkaisut 1992
Publications 1992

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1 Airaksinen O et al. Real-time evaluation anaerobic treshold with RMS-EMG of working and nonworking muscles during incremental bicycle ergometer test.
2 Hedman AE et al. Power spectral analysis of heart rate and blood pressure variability in anaesthetized dogs.
3 Hirvonen T. Impaired left ventricular function after acute myocardial infarction assessed by clinical evaluation, radionuclide methods and exercise testing.
4 Hirvonen T et al. Relation of dentin sensitivity to histological changes in dog teeth with exposed and stimulated dentin.
5 Hänninen O et al. Effects of eating an uncooked vegetable diet for 1 week.
6 Härmä M et al. Relation of age to circadian adjustment to night work.
7 Härmä M et al. Age and circadian adjustment to night work.
8 Kaliste-Korhonen E, Hänninen O. The protective effect of phosphotriesterase in paraoxon intoxication.
9 Kopponen P et al. Induction of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase AHH by two previously uncharacterized pentachlorinated biphenyls in a mouse and a rat hepatoma cell line.
10 Kopponen P et al. Comparison of cytochrome P4501A1 induction with the chemical composition of fly ash from combustion of chlorine containing material.
11 Kopponen P et al. A short-term bioassay in environmental biomonitoring: cytochrome P450IA1 induction in a mouse hepatoma cell line. DIOXIN`92. 12th International Sumposium on Chlonated Dioxins and Related Compounds, 24.-28. August 1992. Tampere.
12 Kopponen P et al. Cytochrome P450IA1 induction in mouse hepatoma cell culture as an indicator of polycyclic aromatic compounds in fly ash.
13 Kotelevtsev SV, Hänninen O. Biotechnology in analysis water ecosystems: hydroisometers tissue isoforms of cytochrome P-450.
14 Kumpusalo E et al. Identification of health status dimensions in a working-age population: an exploratory study.
15 Laitinen JT et al. Pineal muscarinic phosphoinositide responses: age-associated sensitization, agonist-induced desensitization and increase in melatonin release from cultured pineal glands.
16 Laitinen JT et al. Differential regulation of the rat melatonin receptors: Selective age-associated decline and lack of melatonininduced changes.
17 Lehtinen KJ et al. Effects on survival, growth, parasites and physiological status in fish exposed in effluents from bleached hardwood kraft pulp production.
18 Lindström-Seppä P et al. Unbleached pulp mill effluents affect cytochrome P450 monooxygenase enzyme activities.
19 Lindström-Seppä P et al. Unbleachhed pulp mill effluents affect cytochrome P450 monooxygenase enzyme activites.
20 Ling WH. Effect of lactobacilli-containing vegan diet and lactobacillus GG on colonic chemical loading in man.
21 Ling WH, Hänninen O. Shifting from a conventional diet to an uncooked vegan diet reversibly alters fecal hydrolytic activities in humans.
22 Ling WH et al. Colonization and fecal enzyme activities after oral Lactobacillus GG administration in elderly nursing home residents.
23 Ling WH et al. Shifting from conventional diet to an uncooked vegan diet reversibly alters serum lipid and apolipoprotein levels.
24 Marin E et al. Physical training and acute exercise influence plasma GSH.
25 Mäkelä P et al. Organochlorine residues and physiological condition of the freshwater mussel Anodonta anatina caged in River Pielinen, Eastern Finland, receiving pulp mill effluent.
26 Mälkki Y et al. Oat bran concentrates: Physical properties of beta-glucan and hypocholesterolemic effects in rats.
27 Ngassapa D et al. Effect of serotonin (5-HT) and calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) on the function of intradental nerves in the dog.
28 Nienstedt W et al. Fysiologian ja anatomian perusteet, 5. p.
29 Närhi M et al. Role of intradental A- and C-type nerve fibres in dental pain mechanisms.
30 Närhi M et al. Neurophysiological mechanisms of dentin hypersensitivity.
31 Partonen T et al. Effects of light treatment on circadian rhythmicity in seasonal affective disorder.
32 Parviainen M et al. Epidemiology of vitamins A, E, D and C in rural villages in Finland: Biochemical, nutritional and socioeconomical aspects.
33 Pelkonen K. Implications of the germ-free state on biotransformation, pharmacokinetics and energy metabolism in the rat.
34 Pelkonen K et al. Cytotoxic and cytochrome P-450-inducing effects of rodent diets recommended for long-term toxicity studies.
35 Peltonen R et al. An uncooked vegan diet shifts the profile of human fecal microflora: Computerized analysis of direct stool sample gas-liquid chromatography profiles of bacterial cellular fatty acids.
36 Pohjanvirta R et al. The reduction of plasma melatonin concentration by TCDD is not due to enhanced metabolism of the hormone. DIOXIN`92. 12th International Symposium on Chlonated Dioxins and Related Compounds, 24.-28. August 1992. Tampere.
37 Roy S, Hänninen O. Biochemical monitoring of aquatic environment with macrophytes.
38 Roy S et al. Peroxidase activity in lake macrophytes and its relation to pollution tolerance.
39 Roy S et al., ed. 7th international bioindicators symposium and workshop on environmental health. Kuopio September 28 - October 3, 1992. Abstract book.
40 Sen CK et al. Anaerobic power response to simulated warm-up procedures for skiers.
41 Sen CK et al. Skeletal muscle and liver glutathione homeostasis in response to training, exercise, and immobilization.
42 Törrönen R et al. Effects of an oat bran concentrate on serum lipids and postprandial insulin response in free-living men with mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia.
43 Törrönen R et al. Induction of class 3 aldehyde dehydrogenase in the mouse hepatoma cell line Hepa-1 by various chemicals.
44 Viswanathan M et al. Differential expression of melatonin receptors in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
45 Ågren JJ et al. Rapid separation of serum lipids for fatty acid analysis by a single aminopropyl column.

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