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Julkaisut 1992
Publications 1992

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1 Finne U et al. Mechanisms of timolol release from monoisopropyl PVM-MA matrices with and without a basic salt.
2 Finne U, Urtti A. STELLA simulation reveals in vivo deviations from in vitro release of timolol from polymer matrices.
3 Haahtela T, Vidgren M. Astman hoidon näkymiä.
4 Hirvonen J. Lääkeaineiden ihonläpäisevyyden edistäjät.
5 Hirvonen J. Lääke- ja vierasaineiden ihometabolia.
6 Hirvonen J et al. Transdermal permeation of model anions and cations; effect of skin charge, iontophoresis and penetration enhancers.
7 Hirvonen J et al. Reversibility of penetration enhancer effect on transdermal timolol permeation and skin irritation.
8 Hirvonen J et al. Reversibility of petetration enhancer action in rabbit pinna skin in vivo - a DSC study.
9 Ilkka J. Tabletoitavien materiaalien muodonmuutosominaisuuksien tutkiminen.
10 Ilkka J et al. Evaluation of dynamic stress relaxation of pharmaceutical powders.
11 Itoh T et al. Effects of transdermal penetration enhancers: shed snake skin as a model membrane.
12 Järvinen K, Urtti A. Duration and long-term efficacy of phenylephrine induced reduction in systemic absorption of ophthalmic timolol.
13 Järvinen K, Urtti A. Cardiac effects of different eyedrop preparations of timolol in rabbits.
14 Järvinen T et al. Synthesis and analysis of O,O'-dicarboxylate (dibenzyl) bispilocarpates as possible prodrugs of pilocarpine.
15 Järvinen T et al. Bispilocarpic acid monoesters as prodrug of pilocarpine. I. Preparation and identification.
16 Järvinen T et al. Lipophilicity, aqueous solubility, stability and enzymatic hydrolysis of various O,O'-dicarboxylate (dibenzyl) bispilocarpates as possible prodrugs of pilocarpine for ophthalmic administration.
17 Järvinen T et al. Physicochemical properties, stability in aqueous solutions and serum hydrolysis of pilocarpic acid diesters.
18 Järvinen T et al. Bispilocarpic acid monoesters as prodrug of pilocarpine. II. Physicochemical properties and kinetics of hydrolysis in aqueous solution.
19 Ketolainen J et al. Tablet temperature measurement by infrared thermoviewer.
20 Komulainen H et al. Pharmacokinetics in rat of 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanone (MX), a drinking water mutagen, after a single dose.
21 Kyyrönen K et al. Methylprednisolone esters of hyaluronic acid in ophthalmic drug delivery: in vitro and in vivo release studies.
22 Kyyrönen K et al. Optimizing the ocular and systemic absorption of timolol eyedrops.
23 Mönkkönen J et al. Liposome mediated delivery of gallium in vitro.
24 Mönkkönen J et al. Intracellular delivery of liposome-encapsulated clodronate in vitro.
25 Paronen P. Lääkehuollon koulutus- ja työvoimatoimikunnan mietintö.
26 Pesonen T et al. Dissolution properties of direct compression tablets containing an agglomerated cellulose powder.
27 Rouhiainen H et al. Laser-induced intraocular pressure elevation in rabbit eyes.
28 Saano V et al. Interactions and comparative effects of zopiclone, diazepam and lorazepam on psychomotor performance and on elimination pharmacokinetics in healthy volunteers.
29 Saano V et al. Pharmacokinetics of two 200 mg ibuprofen film-coated tablets and an effervescent tablet.
30 Silvasti M et al. Tolerability of two surfactants in beclomethasone inhalation aerosol formulations in asthmatic patients.
31 Sutinen R et al. Preparation and in vitro release of timolol from pH-controlled silicone microspheres.
32 Sutinen R et al. Control of initial and steady-state drug release from water-activated devices.
33 Sutinen R et al. Dissolution medium independent release of propranolol from silicone reservoir devices.
34 Tirkkonen S, Paronen P. Enhancement of drug release from ethylcellulose microcapsules using solid sodium chloride in the wall.
35 Turunen TM, Urtti A. Penetration enhancers in transdermal drug delivery.
36 Vartiainen J et al. Ocular hypotensive effects of dexmedetomidine, an alpha-2-adrenoceptor agonist, in normal rabbits and in rabbits with elevated intraocular pressure.
37 Vidgren M et al. New gamma labelling technique for metered dose aerosols and dry powder preparations of salbutamol.
38 Vidgren M et al. Physical properties and in vitro mucoadhesion of spray dried beclomethasone dipropionate microspheres.
39 Vidgren M et al. In vitro deposition and clinical efficacy of salbutamol inhalation aerosols of three different strengths.
40 Vidgren M et al. Absorption of ascorbic acid from a film-coated tablet and from a new enteric-coated pellet preparation in subjects with inadequate plasma levels of ascorbic acid.
41 Vidgren M et al. In vitro deposition and clinical efficacy of two beclomethasone dipropionate inhalation aerosols.
42 Vidgren M et al. Comparison of gastrointestinal transit of different oral dosage forms of sucralfate.
43 Vidgren M et al. Use of 99m Tc-labelled sucralfate to study the biopharmaceutical properties of enterocoated ASA tablets.
44 Vidgren M et al. In vitro deposition and clinical efficacy in the exercise induced asthma of two inhalation aerosol preparations.
45 Vidgren M et al. Effect of humidity on the behaviour of inhalaed disodium cromoglucate particles.
46 Vidgren M et al. In vitro and clinical comparison ot two inhalation powder preparations.
47 Vidgren P. Deposition and clearance of disodium cromoglycate particles delivered from pulmonary and nasal dry powders.
48 Vidgren P et al. In vitro evaluation of spray dried mucoadhesive microspheres for nasal administration.

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