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Julkaisut 1992
Publications 1992

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1 Anttonen S. Changes in lipids of Pinus Sylvetris needles exposed to industrial pollution.
2 Anttonen S et al. Lipid composition of plant cells exposed to air pollution and its possible diagnostic use.
3 Derome J et al. Conclusions and recommendations.
4 Hautala EL et al. Effects of deicing salt on visible symptoms, element concentrations and membrane damage in five-year needles of roadside Scots pine (Pinus sylvetris).
5 Holopainen JK. Catch and sex ratio of Carabidae (Coleoptera) in pitfall traps filled with ethylene glycol or water.
6 Holopainen JK, Helenius J. Gut contents of ground beetles (Col., Carabidae), and activity of these and other epigeal predators during an outbreak of Rhopalosiphum padi (Hom, Aphididae).
7 Holopainen JK et al. The role of air pollutants in outbreaks of aphids on conifers.
8 Holopainen JK et al. Reproduction of aphids and spider mites and levels of amino acids in conifer seedlings exposed to ozone.
9 Holopainen JK et al. Numbers of the grey pine aphid in relation to the composition of resin acids and terpenes of Scots pine needles.
10 Holopainen JK et al. Treating Scots pine seedlings with the herbicide atrazine does not affect shoot chemistry or feeding and oviposition by Lygus rugulipennis.
11 Holopainen T. Role of SO2 in the formation of injuries in Scots pine mycorrhizas in industrial environments.
12 Holopainen T et al. Comparative evaluation of the effects of gaseous pollutants, acidic deposition and mineral deficiencies: Structural changes in the cells of forest plants.
13 Holopainen T, Rantanen L. Effects of open field fumigation on the development of Scots pine and Norway spruce mycorrhizas.
14 Kainulainen P et al. Effect of drought and water logging stress on needle monoterpenes of Picea abies (L.) Karts.
15 Kainulainen P et al. Levels of carbon-based compounds in Scots pine seedlings exposed to ozone.
16 Kainulainen P et al. Determination of biochemical parameters from Scots pine seedlings after atrazine treatment.
17 McCullough AJ et al. Plastid DNA in developing maize endosperm: Genome structure and transcript accumulation patterns.
18 Palomäki V et al. Lichen transplantation in monitoring fluoride and sulphur fallout in the environment of a fertilizer plant and a strip mine.
19 Tynnyrinen S et al. Comparison of several bioindicator methods in monitoring of the forest effects of a fertilizer plant and a strip mine.
20 Wulff A et al. A method for open-air exposure of plants to ozone.

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