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Julkaisut 1992
Publications 1992

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1 Calderara PC et al. Soldiers' dental complaints comparet with clinical findings in the Military Hospital in Bologna, Italy.
2 Honkala E, ed. Health Research and Developing Countries. Proceedings of the Conference, September 12-14, 1991 University of Kuopio, Finland.
3 Honkala E et al. Background of factors affecting dental caries in permanent teeth of Finnish and Soviet children.
4 Honkala E et al. Perceived stress and dental caries among the South African political refugees.
5 Järvinen V et al. Location of dental erosion.
6 Kuzmina EM et al. Special effects of remineralization therapy on smooth surface caries of permanent teeth in children (in Russian).
7 Kuzmina EM et al. Prevalence of focal demineralization of toothe enamel in children of different age in some towns in USSR and in Finland.
8 Lahti S et al. Dentist and patient opinions about the ideal dentist and patient - developing a compact questionnaire.
9 Laine P et al. Oral infection as a reason for febrile episodes in lymphoma patients receiving cytostatic drugs.
10 Laine P et al. Salivary flow and composition in lymphoma patients before, during and after treatment with cytostatic drugs.
11 Luoma H. Chlorhexidine solutions, gels and varnishes in caries prevention.
12 Luoma H. Ohne Karies durch Fluor-Zucker. Bacteriotoxizität von Fluorid.
13 Luomanen M, Meurman JH. Laser hammaslääketieteessä.
14 Meurman JH et al. Effects of carbon dioxide-, Nd:YAG- and carbon dioxide-Nd:YAG combination lasers on synthetic hydroxyapatite.
15 Murtomaa H, Meurman JH. Mechanical aids in the prevention of dental diseases of the elderly.
16 Nuuja T et al. The effect of chlorhexidine diacetate, sodium fluoride and xylitol on plaque wet weight and periodontal index scores in Military Academy cadets refraining from mechanical tooth cleaning for 7-day experimental periods.
17 Nuuja T et al. Effect of an experimental antiplaque preparation on salivary microbial counts in Military Academy cadets refraining from mechanical cleaning of the teeth.
18 Nuuja TT et al. The effect of an experimental chewable antiplaque preparation containing chlorhexidine on plaque and gingival index scores.
19 Närhi TO et al. Association between saliva secretion rate and the use of systemic medication among 76-, 81-, and 86-year-old inhabitants in Helsinki, Finland.
20 Rajasuo A et al. Effect of extraction of partly erupted third molars on subgingival micro-organisms.
21 Seppä L et al. Enamel and plaque fluoride following glass ionomer application in vivo.
22 Swanljung O et al. Saliva and caries in 12 - 18 year-old diabetics and their controls.
23 Tuutti H. Development of local self-reliance in academic education in developing countries.

Ehkäisevän hammaslääketieteen ja kariologian laitos Department of Preventive Dentistry and Cariology
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