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Julkaisut 1992
Publications 1992

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1 Halmekytö M et al. Enhanced papilloma formation in response to skin tumor promotion in transgenic mice overexpressing the human ornithine decarboxylase gene.
2 Honkakoski P et al. Highly homologous cytochromes P450 and b5: a model to study proteinprotein interactions in a reconstituted monooxygenase system.
3 Hyvönen T et al. Monitoring of the uptake and metabolism of aminooxy analogues of polyamines in cultured cells by highperformance liquid chromatography.
4 Jänne J et al. The human ornithine decarboxylase gene: properties and expression in transfected cells and in transgenic animals.
5 Jänne J et al. Transgenic animals as bioproducers of therapeutic proteins.
6 Karjalainen R et al. Production and characterization of a xylanase from a phytopathogenic fungus, Bipolaris sorokiniana.
7 Kauppinen R, Palvimo J. Contribution of cytoplasmic polypeptides to the 1H NMR spectrum of developing rat cerebral cortex.
8 Kauppinen RA et al. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy study on energy metabolism, intracellular pH, and free Mg2+ concentration in the brain of transgenic mice overexpressing human ornithine decarboxylase gene.
9 Kauppinen RA et al. Detection of mobile proteins by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the guinea pig brain ex vivo and their partial purification.
10 Kauppinen RA et al. Detection of thymosin beta-4 in Situ in a guinea pig cerebral cortex preparation using 1H NMR spectroscopy.
11 Kokko H, Kärenlampi S. Antibody from hen's eggs against a concerved sequence of the gametophytic self-incompatibility proteins of plants.
12 Kopponen P et al. Induction of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase AHH by two previously uncharacterized pentachlorinated biphenyls in a mouse and a rat hepatoma cell line.
13 Kopponen P et al. Comparison of cytochrome P4501A1 induction with the chemical composition of fly ash from combustion of chlorine containing material.
14 Kopponen P et al. A short-term bioassay in environmental biomonitoring: cytochrome P450IA1 induction in a mouse hepatoma cell line. DIOXIN`92. 12th International Sumposium on Chlonated Dioxins and Related Compounds, 24.-28. August 1992. Tampere.
15 Kopponen P et al. Cytochrome P450IA1 induction in mouse hepatoma cell culture as an indicator of polycyclic aromatic compounds in fly ash.
16 Liukkonen J et al. Identification of N-acetylneuraminyl alpha-2-Ä>3 poly-N-acetyllactosamine glycans as the receptors of sialic acid-binding.
17 Myöhänen S, Wahlfors J. Reverse fluorescent sequencing of large M13 clones.
18 Pelkonen S et al. Differential activities of bacteriophage depolymerase on bacterial polysaccharide: Binding is essential but degradation is inhibitory in phage infection of K1-defective Escherichia coli.
19 Petäistö RL et al. Detection of xylan hydrolyzing activity in culture extracts of Gremmeniella abietina.
20 Pirttilä T, Kauppinen RA. Recovery of intracellular pH in cortical brain slices following anoxia studied by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: role of lactate removal, extracellular sodium and sodium/hydrogen exchange.
21 Pirttilä TRM. Solunsisäinen pH ja sen säätely.
22 Pöyhönen M. Urinary excretion of polyamines in severely ill patients.
23 Pöyhönen M et al. Polyamine excretion in depleted patients with gastrointestinal malignancy: effect of perioperative nutrition and tumor removal.
24 Tuohimaa P et al. Characterization of human 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 receptor anti-peptide antibodies.
25 Törrönen R et al. Induction of class 3 aldehyde dehydrogenase in the mouse hepatoma cell line Hepa-1 by various chemicals.
26 von Wright A et al. Directly acting geno- and cytotoxic agents from a wild mushroom Dermocybe sanguinea.
27 Wahlfors J. The human ornithine decarboxylase gene. Structure and methylation.
28 Wahlfors J et al. Genomic hypomethylation in human chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
29 Örd T et al. Structure and chromosomal localization of the human prochymosin pseudogene.

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