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Julkaisut 1990
Publications 1990

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1 Aalto P et al. Deconvolution of particle size distributions by means of extreme value estimation method. European Aerosol Conference, Zuerich, Switzerland, 1-5 October 1990.
2 Chen CC et al. Filter and leak penetration characteristics of a dust and mist filtering facepiece.
3 Hari P et al. An approach to analyse the dynamics of environmental change and its effects on forest growth.
4 Heinonen-Tanski H. Maintenance methods for ectomycorrhizal fungi.
5 Huttunen P et al. URSI/IEEE XVI convention on radio science. Kuopio, Finland, November 5-6, 1990.
6 Jantunen MJ et al. Does moisture condensation in air ducts promote fungal growth?
7 Joffre SM et al. On the effects of meteorological factors on air pollution concentrations and deposition in Finland.
8 Jokiniemi J et al. Experimental verification of hygroscopic aerosol growth in reactor accident conditions.
9 Juuti S et al. Monoterpene emission rate measurements from a monterey pine.
10 Juutilainen J et al. Incidence of leukaemia and brain tumours in Finnish workers exposed to ELF magnetic fields.
11 Kalliokoski P. Estimating long-term exposure levels in process-type industries using production rates.
12 Kalliokoski P, Kauppinen T. Complex chlorinated hydrocarbons: occupational exposure in the sawmill industry.
13 Kalliokoski P et al. Improper use of ventilation may cause severe health hazards in hospitals.
14 Koistinen K et al. Aerosol deposition and re-entrainment in tube bends.
15 Kokotti H et al. The dependency of the radon entry on pressure differentials.
16 Kurttio P et al. Mutagenic compounds in wood-chip drying fumes.
17 Luokkanen S et al. Chernobyl fallout particles: submicron particles and hot particles.
18 Martikainen P et al. Microbial growth in filter materials of ventilation systems.
19 Mecke M, Raunemaa T. The effect of surface layer on the deposition of NaCl particles on solid surfaces.
20 Nevalainen A et al. Mesophilic actinomycetes - the real indoor air problem?
21 Niemelä H et al. Exhaust air re-entry in mechanical ventilation system.
22 Ohtonen R et al. Biological parameters as indicators of changes in Scots pine forests (Pinus sylvetris L.) caused by air pollution.
23 Pasanen A-L et al. Seasonal variation of fungal spore levels in indoor and outdoor air in the subarctic climate.
24 Pasanen P et al. Emissions of volatile organic compounds from airconditioning filters of buildings.
25 Pilacinski W et al. Size fractionating aerosol generator.
26 Reponen T et al. Proposal for an upper limit of the normal range of indoor air bacteria and fungal spores in subarctic climate.
27 Ruuskanen J. Fit testing methods for respirators.
28 Ruuskanen J et al. Contamination in an experimental gallium arsenide etch system.
29 Ruuskanen J et al. Effect of a catalytic oil additive on particle emission from combustion of heavy oil.
30 Savolainen T et al. Thermal desorption of settled household dust.
31 Virtanen T et al. Concentrations of specific dusts in swineries and the humoral response of swinery workers.

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