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Julkaisut 1990
Publications 1990

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1 Groop L, Uusitupa M. Aikuistyypin diabeteksen lääkehoito.
2 Hellemann U et al. Hedonic responses and attitudes related to fats used as spreads on bread.
3 Härmä M et al. The effect of light on the adaption of the circadian rhythms among flight attendants.
4 Knekt P et al. Dietary fat and risk of breast cancer.
5 Laitinen J. Kliiniset ravintovalmisteet.
6 Lappalainen R et al. Hunger/craving responses and reactivity to food stimuli during fasting and dieting.
7 Mykkänen HM. Ravinnon sisällön vaikutus vitamiinien ja hivenaineiden imeytymiseen.
8 Mykkänen HM, Wasserman RH. Relationship of membrane-bound sulfhydryl groups to vitamin D-stimulated uptake of Se-selenite by the brush border membrane vesicles from chick duodenum.
9 Mykkänen HM, Wasserman RH. Reactivity of sulfhydryl groups in the brush border membranes of chick duodena is increased by 1,25- dihydroxycholecalciferol.
10 Mykkänen L et al. Prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance in elderly subjects and their association with obesity and family history of diabetes.
11 Niskanen L et al. Five-year follow-up study on plasma insulin levels in newly diagnosed NIDDM patients and non-diabetic subjects.
12 Niskanen L et al. Microalbuminuria predicts the development of serum lipoprotein abnormalities favouring atherogenesis in newly diagnosed type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetic patients.
13 Niskanen LK et al. Aortic and lower limb artery calcification in type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetic patients and non-diabetic control subjects. A five year follow-up study.
14 Pentikäinen PJ et al. Cholesterol lowering effect of metformin in combined hyperlipidemia: placebo controlled double blind trial.
15 Tolosa de Talamoni N et al. Enhancement of sulfhydryl group availability in the intestinal brush border membrane by deficiencies of dietary calcium and phosphorus in chicks.
16 Tuorila H et al. Can sodium contents of foods be reduced by adding flavors? Studies with beef broth.
17 Uusitupa M. Lihavuuden seuraukset.
18 Uusitupa M. Serum triglycerides as a risk factor of atherosclerotic vascular disease in type 2 diabetes: implications for the treatment.
19 Uusitupa M. Fibre in the management of diabetes.
20 Uusitupa M. Fysiologiset tilat, joissa hivenaineiden ja vitamiinien tarve kasvaa.
21 Uusitupa M. Enemmän kalaa - vähemmän paineita.
22 Uusitupa M et al. Effects of a very low calorie diet on metabolic control and cardiovascular risk factors in the treatment of obese non-insulin-dependent diabetics.
23 Uusitupa M et al. Diabetic heart muscle disease.
24 Uusitupa M et al. 5-year incidence of atherosclerotic vascular disease in relation to general risk factors, insulin level, and abnormalities in lipoprotein composition in non-insulin-dependent diabetic and non-diabetic...
25 Uusitupa M et al. Effects of gel forming dietary fiber, guar gum, on the absorption of glibenclamide and metabolic control and serum lipids in patients with non-insulin-dependent (type 2) diabetes.
26 Wasserman RH et al. Recent studies on the biological actions of vitamin D on intestinal transport and the electrophysiology of peripheral nerve and cardiac muscle.
27 Wasserman RH et al. Intestinal calcium absorption: the calbindings, the visualization of transported calcium and a new rapid action of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D.

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