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Julkaisut 1990
Publications 1990

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1 Ilonen J et al. T-lymphocyte subsets defined by double immunofluorescence in multiple sclerosis.
2 Jägerroos H. Experimental farmer's lung induced by Thermoactinomyces vulgaris. In vivo and in vitro studies.
3 Kalliokoski P et al. Improper use of ventilation may cause severe health hazards in hospitals.
4 Laatikainen A. Cell-mediated immune response against virally- and chemically-induced tumor cells in a mouse model.
5 Laatikainen A et al. Tumorigenicity and H-2 expression of papillomavirus-transformed mouse cell lines.
6 Laatikainen A et al. Generation of cell-mediated cytotoxicity against bovine-papilloma-virus-transformed primary mouse cell lines.
7 Laatikainen A et al. Local immune reaction in syngeneic mice against tumorigenic and nontumorigenic BPV-transformed mouse cell lines.
8 Leoncini P et al. Expression of cytokeratin no. 19 polypeptide in genital papillomavirus lesions.
9 Ojanen T et al. Class-specific antibodies during a follow-up of farmer's lung patients.
10 Pelkonen J, Palacios R. LD-1: A CD4-8-TCRab/CD3+ peripheral T cell line with helper function for B lymphocytes.
11 Rautalahti M et al. Changes in the titers of lgG antibodies against farmer's lung antigens in the sera of healthy dairy farmers.
12 Thompson SD et al. Concomitant T-cell receptor a and d gene rearrangements in individual T cell precursors.
13 Thompson SD et al. First T-cell receptor a gene rearrangements during T-cell ontogeny skew to the 5' region of the Ja locus.
14 Thompson SD et al. Non-random rearrangement of T-cell receptor J-alpha genes in bone marrow T-differentation cultures.
15 Virtanen T. Measurement of airborne animal-related antigens in the agricultural environment and the humoral responses of farmers.
16 Virtanen T et al. Concentrations of specific dusts in swineries and the humoral response of swinery workers.
17 Virtanen TI. Two ELISA methods for the measurement of airborne swine epithelial antigens.
18 Ylönen J et al. Comparative analysis of bovine extracts by immunoblotting and ELISA inhibition.

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