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Julkaisut 1990
Publications 1990

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1 Halonen T. Neurotransmitter amino acids in epileptic convulsions and during vigabatrin treatment.
2 Hessel E et al. Freshwater fish diet affects lipid composition, deformability and aggregation properties of erythrocytes.
3 Hänninen A et al. Evaluation of CoulterR VCS differential leukocyte counter especially in the diagnosis of acute leukemias.
4 Kaartinen V, Mononen I. Assay of aspartylglycosylaminase by high-performance liquid chromatography.
5 Kaartinen V, Mononen I. Detection of aspartylglycosaminuria using urine specimens recovered from absorbent filter paper.
6 Kajander EO et al. Effects of selenomethionine on cell growth and on S-adenosylmethionine metabolism in cultured malignant cells.
7 Koivula T et al. Basic urinalysis and urine culture: Finnish recommendations from the working group on clean midstream specimens.
8 Lalla MLT et al. Finnish recommendation for methods used in urinanalysis: Results for five-year period.
9 Niskanen L et al. Microalbuminuria predicts the development of serum lipoprotein abnormalities favouring atherogenesis in newly diagnosed type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetic patients.
10 Palomäki P et al. Onko myoglobuliinimäärityksestä hyötyä akuutin sydäninfarktin diagnostiikassa.
11 Palva I et al. Intensive chemotherapy with combinations containing anthracyclines for refractory and relapsing multiple myeloma.
12 Palva I et al. 5-Drug Protocol MOCCA for multiple myeloma resistant to and relapsing during therapy with alkylating agents.
13 Palva IP et al. Effect of the choice of primary chemotherapy on the cumulative length of stay in hospital for multiple myeloma.
14 Parviainen MT et al. A method for assay of lactitol/mannitol ratio by anion exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection. 12th International Conference on Biochemical Analysis, 1990, Munich, FRG.
15 Parviainen MT, Mäenpää PH. A- ja D-vitamiinit: niiden esiintyvyys ja merkitys suomalaisessa ravitsemuksessa viimeaikaisten biokemiallisten määritysten valossa.
16 Parviainen MT et al. Nicotine metabolites in the urine of smokers.
17 Parviainen MT, Salonen JT. Vitamin C status of 54-year old Eastern Finnish men throughout the year.
18 Pentikäinen PJ et al. Cholesterol lowering effect of metformin in combined hyperlipidemia: placebo controlled double blind trial.
19 Penttilä I et al. Quality control and quality requirements for the measurement of glycated hemoglobin.
20 Penttilä I et al. Selecting a sensitive immunoradiometric method of maternal serum alphafetoprotein for prenatal screening of abnormalities in the fetus.
21 Ryynänen M et al. Downin syndrooman seulonta sikiöltä äidin verikokeen avulla.
22 Räsänen M et al. Flow cytometry for measurement of antibodies to spermatozoa in subfertile men.
23 Saarikoski S et al. Sequential use of norethisterone and natural progesterone in pre-menopausal bleeding disorders.
24 Sainio EL, Penttilä I. Effect of tryptophan or its metabolites on serum lipids and lipoproteins.
25 Salomaa V et al. Fatty acid composition of serum cholesterol esters in different degrees of glucose intolerance: a population-based study.
26 Santala M et al. Lymphocyte Beta-2-adrenoceptors and plasma catecholamines in fetal hypoxia.
27 Savolainen K et al. Problems with the use of whole blood as a sample material in novel direct glucose analyzers.
28 Telimaa S et al. Concentraciones de lipidos y lipoproteinas circulantes durante el tratamiento con danazol y acetato de medroxiprogesterona a dosis altas.
29 Uusitupa M et al. Effects of a very low calorie diet on metabolic control and cardiovascular risk factors in the treatment of obese non-insulin-dependent diabetics.
30 Vanha-Perttula T, Agrawal Y. Immunohistochemical localisation of g- glutamyltranspeptidase in the rat testis.
31 Ågren J et al. Dose responses in platelet fatty acid composition, aggregation and prostanoid metabolism during moderate freshwater fish diet.

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