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Julkaisut 1990
Publications 1990

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1 Asikainen P et al. Microplication pattern on buccal epithelial cell of Beagle dog following radiotherapy: a scanning electron microscopic study.
2 Asikainen P, Sutter F. The new distance system for the submergible use of the ITI-Bonefit Implant.
3 Bruggenkate C.M ten et al. The placement of I.T.I. Implants in the edentulous maxilla for the use of overdentures.
4 Granström G, Kullaa-Mikkonen A. Experimental craniofacial malformations induced by retinoids and resembling branchial arch syndromes.
5 Granström G, Kullaa-Mikkonen A. Retinoid induced nasal malformations.
6 Granström G et al. Maxillofacial malformations induced by retinoids in an experimental system.
7 Hassan HA et al. Central jaw tumours in Tanzania.
8 Hietaniemi H et al. Central ossifying fibroma of the jaws: report of a case and review of the literature.
9 Hämäläinen L et al. Recurrent aphthous stomatitis.
10 Järvinen J et al. Comparison of epithelial differences between different inflammatory tongue diseases.
11 Kotilainen R. Controindicazioni all'impianto in pazienti con malattie della mucosa orale: un analisi clinica ed allergica su 100 pazienti.
12 Kotilainen R. Eine Analyse von ein Hundert Problempatienten mit Supprakonstruktionen und Schleimhautbeschwerden; mit Referenz zu methodischen Aspekte in allergologischer Sicht.
13 Kotilainen R. Adverse effects of metallic structures and components of polymer chemistry in oral environment.
14 Kotilainen R, Huurinainen P. Clinical resistance of Oral fungi, expressed as different behavior against varying concentrations of Natamycin and iodine.
15 Kotilainen R, Huurinainen P. A comparative trial of 2,5% natamycin suspension and 1,0% iodine solution in the treatment of oral yeasts.
16 Kotilainen R et al. Is there space for prevention of jaw fractures? Part 1. Social view.
17 Kotilainen R et al. Social view of jaw fracture.
18 Kotilainen R et al. Repeated cryo exposure on the tongue surface of rat.
19 Kotilainen R et al. Jaw fractures in children.
20 Kotilainen R et al. Potential risk of oral foci in patients undergoing open heart surgery.
21 Kotilainen R, Sorvari T. The histochemistry of mucosubstances in the acinar cell cytoplasm of human accessory salivary glands.
22 Kotilainen R et al. Effect of cryo exposure on the specialised organs of the tongue surface in rat. Electron microscopic observations.
23 Kullaa-Mikkonen A, Granström G. Studies on surface structures during cranio-facial development.
24 Kullaa-Mikkonen A et al. Immunohistologic techniques in tongue pathology.
25 Kullaa-Mikkonen A et al. Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma. Report of three cases.
26 Salmenkivi S et al. Oral manifestations of pernicious anaemia.
27 Salum O et al. Surface ultrastructure of oral mucosa. Evaluation of replice technique and various methods of preparation.
28 Tuovinen V et al. Oral mucosal changes in patients with vitamin C deficiency.
29 Tuovinen V et al. Follicular cyst in the globulomaxillary region.

Hammas- ja suukirurgian laitos Department of Oral Surgery
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