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Julkaisut 1990
Publications 1990

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1 Hakumäki M et al. Time related characteristics of cardiac systole, diastole, baroreceptor activity and inactivity during vagal stimulation and mild haemorrhage in the dog.
2 Hartikainen J et al. Hemodynamic information encoded in the aortic baroreceptor discharge during haemorrhage.
3 Hessel E et al. Freshwater fish diet affects lipid composition, deformability and aggregation properties of erythrocytes.
4 Hänninen O. Fiskdiet och blodomloppets hälsa.
5 Härmä M et al. The effect of light on the adaption of the circadian rhythms among flight attendants.
6 Härmä M et al. Nopeiden aikavyöhykemuutosten vaikutukset lentoemäntien syljen melatoniinin ja kortisolin vuorokausivaihteluun.
7 Härmä M et al. Lentoemäntien työn kuormittavuus, uni ja aikaeroihin sopeutuminen.
8 Kaliste-Korhonen E et al. Inhibition of cholinesterases by DFP and induction of organo-phosphate-detoxicating enzymes in rats.
9 Kaliste-Korhonen E et al. Inhibition of cholinesterase by DFP and induction of organophosphate-detoxicating enzymes in rats.
10 Koller M et al. Salivary melatonin profiles and light exposure of permanent night workers.
11 Kruk B et al. Thermoregulatory responses to exercise at low ambient temperature performed after precooling or preheating procedures.
12 Kärenlampi S et al. A homologous TCDD-inducible aldehyde dehydrogenase in rat, mouse and human hepatoma lines.
13 Kärenlampi SO, Törrönen R. Induction of cytochrome P450IA1 in mouse hepatoma cells as a short term bioassay.
14 Laaksonen AM et al. Biotransformation in mouse skin fibroblast cell lines passaged in vitro and in vivo.
15 Lindström-Seppä P. Biotransformation in fish: Monitoring inland water pollution caused by pulp and paper mill effluents.
16 Lindström-Seppä P, Oikari A. Biotransformation and other toxicological and physiological responses in rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri Richardson) caged in a lake receiving effluents of pulp and paper industry.
17 Lindström-Seppä P, Oikari A. Biotransformation activities of feral fish in waters receiving bleached pulp mill effluents.
18 Marin E et al. Influence of acute physical exercise on glutathione and lipid peroxides in blood of rat and man.
19 Närhi M. The neurophysiology of the teeth.
20 Oikari A, Lindström-Seppä P. Responses of biotransformation enzymes in fish liver: Experiments with pulpmill effluents and their components.
21 Pekkarinen H et al. Motor fitness and its relation to body dimensions and growth in young male cross-country skiers and controls.
22 Pekkarinen H et al. Competitive sports in school-aged children: a follow-up study in young cross country skiers.
23 Pelkonen K et al. Work load of animal care in isolators: continuous electromyographic follow-up.
24 Peltola TJ et al. Apneic tolerance of underwater rugby players during one season.
25 Rauhala E et al. Relaxation training combined with increased physical activity lowers the psychophysiological activation in community-home boys.
26 Räsänen T et al. Analysis of r and s disorders in Finnish by using a laboratory computer.
27 Sihvonen T et al. Knee extension and flexion, force output and EMG level in different angles of flexion.
28 Törrönen R et al. Cytotoxic and enzyme-inducing effects of rodent diets and cage bedding materials. Evaluation by a cell culture study.
29 Usanov SA et al. Interaction of coumarin-specific cytochrome P-450coh from pyrazole-treated mice with cytochrome bs.
30 Ågren J et al. Dose responses in platelet fatty acid composition, aggregation and prostanoid metabolism during moderate freshwater fish diet.

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