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Julkaisut 1990
Publications 1990

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1 Auriola S et al. Determination of Catharanthus alkaloids in plant cell cultures by thermospray liquid chromatography mass spectrometry.
2 Auriola S et al. Identification of indole alkaloids of Catharanthus Roseus with liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry using collision-induced dissociation with the thermospray ion repeller.
3 Huhtikangas A et al. Potential biosynthetic implications from electron distribution in tropanone and tropanol, precursors of tropane alkaloids.
4 Hyvönen T et al. Uptake of (3H)-labeled 1-aminooxy-3-aminopropane by baby hamster kidney cells.
5 Karttunen P et al. Pharmacokinetics of ibuprofen in man: A single-dose comparison of two over-the-counter 200 mg preparations.
6 Kostiainen R, Auriola S. Effect of collision gas pressure and collision energy on reactions between oxygen and the negative molecular ion of tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxins in the collision cell of a triple-quadrupole mass...
7 Lehtola T. Radioimmunologisen menetelmän käyttö lääkekasvitutkimuksessa.
8 Lehtola T, Huhtikangas A. Radioimmunoassay of aescine, a mixture of triterpene glycosides.
9 Naaranlahti T et al. Isolation of Catharanthus alkaloids by solid phase extraction and semipreparative HPLC.
10 Pennanen S, Huhtikangas A. Photochemical one-pot synthesis of vinblastine and vincristine.
11 Peura P, Vartiainen T, eds. V National symposium on mass spectrometry. Abstracts. Kuopio, May 10-11, 1990.
12 Pohjavirta R et al. Studies on the role of lipid peroxidation in the acute toxicity of TCDD in rats.
13 Saano V et al. Bioavailability of doxycycline from dissolved doxycycline hydrochloride tablets - comparison to solid form hydrochloride tablets and dissolved monohydrate tablets.
14 Simola L et al. Feeding experiments using suspension cultures of Atropa belladonna limiting step in the biosynthesis of tropane alkaloids.
15 Tyynelä K et al. Distribution of three common chlorophenoxyacetic acid herbicides into the rat brain.
16 von Wright A et al. Isolation of a replication region of a large lactococcal plasmid and use in cloning of a nisin resistance determinant.
17 Ylinen M. Distribution and elimination of perfluorooctanoic and perfluorodecanoic acid in rats and dogs.
18 Ylinen M, Auriola S. Tissue distribution and elimination of perfluorodecanoid acid in the rat after single intraperitoneal administration.
19 Ylinen M et al. Disposition of PFOA in rat after single and subchronic administration.
20 Ylinen M et al. Gas chromatographic - mass spectrometry analysis of major indole alkaloids of Catharanthus roseus.
21 Ylitalo P et al. Increase in the acute toxicity and brain concentrations of chlorophenoxyacetic acids by probenecid in rats.
22 Yukhananov R et al. Effect of ethanol on brain levels of dopamine and its metabolites in rats differing in sensitivity to stress.

Farmaseuttisen kemian laitos Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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