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Julkaisut 1989
Publications 1989

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1 Collan Y, Pesonen E. Principles of morphometric guading: Gegenbaurs marpho.
2 Eskelinen M et al. The flow-cytometric analysis of DNA content S-Phase Fraction (SPF) of human breast cancer.
3 Eskelinen M et al. Relationship between DNA ploidy and survival in patients with primary breast cancer.
4 Gawthrop P et al. Recursive parameter estimation of continuous-time systems with unknown time delay.
5 Haapasalo H et al. Prognosis of ovarian carcinomas: prediction by histoquantitative methods.
6 Haapasalo H et al. Volume corrected mitotic index (M/V-INDEX) - the standard of mitotic activity in neoplasms.
7 Hallikainen J et al. Color image processing with AOTF.
8 Lipponen R et al. Potential of morphometry in grading transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder.
9 Montironi R et al. Reproducibility of DNA measurements in imprints of thyroid adenoma.
10 Nihtilä M. Adaptive control of a continuous-time system with time-varying input delay.
11 Nihtilä M. Real-time software of a microprocessor based measuring and automatic control system.
12 Oja E et al. Regularity measurement, classification, and segmentation of textures.
13 Parkkinen J. Subspace methods in two machine vision problems.
14 Parkkinen J et al. Quantitation of autoradiographic grains in different zones of articular cartilage with image analyzer.
15 Parkkinen JPS et al. Characteristic spectra on Munsell colors.
16 Parkkinen JPS, Jääskeläinen T. Color vision: machine and human. Proceedings of Visual Communications and Image Processing IV, November 8-10, 1989, Philadelphia, USA.
17 Penttonen M, Kuikka E, eds. Proceedings of the Workshop on Alternatives of Logic Programming, Kuopio, May 22-25, 1989.
18 Tervo J. On the spectra of singularities of pseudo differential equations.
19 Tervo J. On strongly coercive pseudo-differential operators.
20 Tervo J. On algebraic characterization of coercive linear partial differential operators with constant coefficients.
21 Tervo J. On essential maximality of linear pseudodifferential-operators.

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