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Julkaisut 1989
Publications 1989

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1 Halonen T et al. Changes in amino acid levels in rat brain during chronic vigabatrin treatment.
2 Halonen T et al. GABA levels in human and rat CSF during vigabatrin treatment.
3 Halonen T et al. Effect of administration of vigabatrin on GABA levels and on GABA/benzodiazepine receptor binding in rat brain.
4 Helkala EL et al. Association of quantitative spectral analysis of EEG with neurophysiological functions in patients with dementia.
5 Helkala EL et al. Different error pattern of episodic and semantic memory in Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease with dementia.
6 Helkala EL et al. Recall and recognition memory in patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
7 Jolkkonen J et al. Vasopressin levels in CSF of Alzheimer patients: Correlations with monoamine metabolites and neuropsychological test performance.
8 Keränen T et al. Incidence and prevalence of epilepsy in adults in Eastern Finland.
9 Koponen H. Delirium in the elderly: A clinical, neurochemical, neuropsychological and neuroradiological study.
10 Koponen H et al. Computed tomography findings in delirium.
11 Koponen H et al. EEG spectral analysis in delirium.
12 Koponen H et al. Somatostatin-like immunoreactivity in the cerebrospinal fluid of chronic alcoholocs with cognitive impairment.
13 Koponen H, Riekkinen PJ. Delirium in the elderly. A review.
14 Koponen H et al. Cerebrospinal fluid somatostatin in delirium.
15 Koponen H et al. CSF beta-endorphin-like immunoreactivity in delirium.
16 Koponen H et al. Delirium among elderly persons admitted to a psychiatric hospital: Clinical course during the acute stage and one-year follow-up.
17 Kälviäinen R et al. A double blind study of gabapentin in treatment of partial seizures.
18 Kälviäinen R et al. Effects of gamma-vinyl GABA monotherapy oncognitive functioning in patients with newly diagnosed epilepsy.
19 Lepola U et al. On biological aspects of panic disorders.
20 Lepola U et al. Long-term effects of alprazolam and imipramine on cerebrospinal fluid monoamine metabolites and neuropeptides in panic disorder.
21 Matilainen R et al. Vigabatrin in epilepsy in mentally retarted patients.
22 Mervaala E et al. Somatosensory evoked potential dynamics in Baltic progressive myoclonus epilepsy.
23 Mervaala E et al. Electrophysiologic effects of Gamma-Vinyl GABA and Carbamazepine.
24 Nousiainen U et al. Videotelemetry, ambulatory and routine EEG in intractable seizure disorders.
25 Nousiainen U et al. Cardiac arrhythmias in the differential diagnosis of epilepsy.
26 Nousiainen U et al. The importance of the electrocardiogram in ambulatory electroencephalographic recordings.
27 Nousiainen U et al., ed. New trends in epilepsy and its treatment. Proceedings of the First Vaajasalo Epilepsy Symposium, Kuopio, May 18 and 19, 1989.
28 Pitkänen A. Somatostatin in experimental and human epilepsy.
29 Pitkänen A et al. Somatostatin, neuropeptide Y, GABA and cholinergic enzymes in brain of pentylenetetrazol-kindled rats.
30 Pitkänen A et al. Modulation of GABAergic transmission in the treatment of epilepsy.
31 Pitkänen A et al. Effect of cysteamine on somatostatin-like immunoreactivity in the amygdala-kindled rat brain.
32 Pitkänen A et al. The levels of somatostatin in the brain and CSF of rat after carbamazepine administration.
33 Pitkänen A et al. Somatostatinergic system and amygdala-kindling: Effect of cysteamine administration.
34 Pitkänen A et al. Somatostatin and beta-endorphin levels in cerebrospinal fluid of nonmedicated and medicated patients with epileptic seizures.
35 Pitkänen A et al. Inhibitory and excitatory amino acids in cerebrospinal fluid of chronic epileptic patients.
36 Pitkänen A et al. Effect of vigabatrin on epilepsy in mentally retarted patients: a 2-year follow-up study.
37 Pitkänen A et al. Effect of cysteamine on levels of somatostatin-like immunoreactivity and chatecholamines and on electroencephalogram in the rat brain.
38 Reinikainen KJ et al. 2'3'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity as an index of myelin in the post-mortem brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease.
39 Reinikainen KJ, Riekkinen PJ. Noncholinergic neurotransmitter markers in the CSF of patients with dementia of Alzheimer type.
40 Riekkinen PJ et al. Specificity of Vigabatrin for the GABAergic system in human epilepsy.
41 Riekkinen PJ et al. Cerebrospinal fluid GABA and seizure control with vigabatrin.
42 Salmon DP et al. Cross-cultural studies of dementia.
43 Sirviö J. The cholinergic system in ageing and dementia with special reference to acetylcholinesterase.
44 Sirviö J et al. Cholinesterases in the cerebrospinal fluid, plasma and erythrocytes of patients with Alzheimer's disease.
45 Sirviö J et al. Brain cholinergic enzymes and cortical EEG activity in young and old rats.
46 Sirviö J et al. Age-dependence of the solubility fractions of acetylcholinesterase in the cerebral cortex and cerebellum of the rat.
47 Sirviö J et al. Different forms of brain acetylcholinesterase and muscarinic binding in Parkinson's disease.
48 Sivenius J. Ohimenevän aivoiskemian ennuste ja hoito.
49 Sivenius J. History of epilepsy treatment in Finland. History of neurology.
50 Soininen H et al. Longitudinal EEG spectral analysis in early stage of Alzheimer's disease.

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