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Julkaisut 1989
Publications 1989

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1 Adlercreutz H et al. Diet and urinary estrogen profile in premenopausal omnivorous and vegetarian women and in premenopausal women with breast cancer.
2 Adlercreutz H et al. Diet and plasma androgens in postmenopausal vegetarian and omnivorous women and women with breast cancer.
3 Halinen MA et al. Effect of early metoprolol injection followed by oral dosage on CK-MB release, and myocardial function in suspected acute myocardial infarction.
4 Harvima IT et al. Effect of human mast cell tryptase on human plasma proenzymes.
5 Harvima RJ et al. Effects of drugs on histamine radio-enzyme assay.
6 Harvima RJ et al. Effect of drugs on histamine radio-enzyme assay.
7 Harvima RJ et al. Effect of handling of plasma samples on histamine radio-enzyme assay.
8 Hänninen O et al. Dose-response relationships in blood lipids during moderate freshwater fish diet.
9 Kaartinen V, Mononen I. Analysis of aspartylglucosamine at the picomole level by high-performance liquid chromatography.
10 Kari A et al. Comparison of two long-chain triglyceride fat emulsions in parenteral nutrition of critically ill patients.
11 Kolonen SA, Puhakainen EYJ. Applicapility of the direct barbituric acid method for the assessment of nicotine exposure by urine samples. Neuropharmacology and Biological Alcohol Research, Kuopio 14-16.9.1989.
12 Nyyssönen K, Parviainen MT. Plasma catecholamines: Laboratory aspects (review).
13 Palva IP et al. Improved long-term survival in multiple myeloma.
14 Palva IP et al. Treatment of multiple myeloma in old patients.
15 Penttilä I. Lipidimittausten laboratoriomenetelmät ja niiden ongelmat.
16 Penttilä I. Legislation and teaching of the laboratory staff in primary health care system in Finland.
17 Penttilä I. Teaching and legislation of the laboratory staff in Finland.
18 Santala M et al. Effect of freezing and ultrasonication on the density of human lymphocyte B2-adrenoceptors.
19 Telimaa S et al. Circulating lipid and lipoprotein concentrations during danazol and high-dose medroxyprogesterone acetate therapy of endometriosis.
20 Uusitupa M et al. Long term effects of a very low calorie diet on metabolic control and cardiovascular risk factors in the treatment of obese non-insulin-dependent diabetics.
21 Uusitupa M et al. Metabolic and nutritional effects of long-term use of guar gum in the treatment of noninsulindependent diabetes of poor metabolic control.

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