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Julkaisut 1989
Publications 1989

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1 Andersson T et al. Cytochrome P-450 and induction: Monitoring of aquatic environment.
2 Blanck J et al. Temperature compensation of hepatic microsomal cytochrome P-450 activity in rainbow trout. I. Thermodynamic regulation during water cooling in autumn.
3 Chwalbinska-Moneta J, Hänninen O. Effect of active warming-up on thermoregulatory, circulatory and metabolic responses to incremental exercise in endurance-trained athletes.
4 Hakumäki K, Hakumäki M. Fysiologian perusteita.
5 Harju H et al. Ergonomisten toimenpiteiden vaikutus hartialihasjännitykseen tietokoneavusteisessa suunnittelussa.
6 Hartikainen J et al. Effect of acute intravenous volume loading on haemodynamics and aortic baroreceptor activity in dogs.
7 Hänninen O. Actividades del ICLAS. Activities of ICLAS.
8 Hänninen O et al. On-line determination of anaerobic threshold with rms-EMG.
9 Hänninen O et al. Evaluation of muscle fatigue development with different EMG indices.
10 Hänninen O, Lindström-Seppä P. Biochemical monitoring of the environment, possibilities and limitations.
11 Hänninen O, Ågren J. Effects of moderate freshwater fish diet on lipid metabolism of Finnish students.
12 Hänninen O et al. Dose-response relationships in blood lipids during moderate freshwater fish diet.
13 Kaliste-Korhonen E et al. Cold exposure decreases the effectiveness of atropine- oxime treatment in organophosphate intoxication in rats and mice.
14 Kruk B et al. Muscle RMS-EMG and body temperatures in man exercising in cold.
15 Kumpusalo E et al. Suomalaisen kylän kehittyminen ja terveys. Osa 1: Neljää pohjoissavolaista kylää koskevan tutkimuksen tausta, toteutus ja perustaulukot.
16 Kärenlampi S et al. Induction of cytochrome P450IA1 and aldehyde dehydrogenase in cell culture by extracts of beddings for laboratory animals.
17 Laitinen J et al. Diurnal rhythm of melatonin binding in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus.
18 Lindström-Seppä P et al. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in perch (Perca fluviatilis) following an oil-spill in Vaasa Archipelago, Finland.
19 Lindström-Seppä P, Oikari A. Biotransformation and other physiological responses in Whitefish Caged in a lake receiving pulp and paper mill effluents.
20 Lindström-Seppä P, Oikari A. Effects of TDCC on biotransformation responses in fish: studies on rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) exposed to TCDD and bleached kraft pulpmill effluents.
21 Lindström-Seppä P, Oikari A. Bleached kraft pulpmill effluents and TCDD: effects on biotransformation and testosterone status of mature male rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri).
22 Lindström-Seppä P et al. Pulp and paper mill effluents affect monooxygenase activities in caged and feral fish in lake Saimaa.
23 Lindström-Seppä P et al. Effect of bleached kraft pulp mill effluent on hepatic biotransformation reactions in vendace (Coregonus Albula L.).
24 Mahlamäki S et al. Neurological signs and neurophysiological findings in the lower extremities of young cross-country skiers and control children. Children and Exercise XIII.
25 Mahlamäki S et al. Radiological evaluation of young cross-country skiers and control children with suspected skeletal anomaly. Children and Exercise XIII.
26 Mahlamäki S, Putkonen M. Selkäkipupotilaan toiminnallinen tutkiminen.
27 Marin E et al. Training increases drug metabolizing enzyme activities in rat liver.
28 Muje P et al. Fatty acid composition of vendace (Coregonus albula L.) muscle and its plankton feed.
29 Muje P et al. Fatty composition of vendace (coregonus Albula L.) muscle and its plankton feed.
30 Närhi M. Interaction between the autonomic and sensory nerves in the dental pulp.
31 Närhi M. Intradental sensory units.
32 Närhi M. Kipuaistin neurofysiologiaa.
33 Närhi M et al. Reflex responses in the digastric and tongue muscles to stimulation of intradental nerves in the cat.
34 Pekkarinen H. Lapsen fysiologiset valmiudet kilpaurheiluun.
35 Pekkarinen H. Urheilevan koululaisen kasvu, kunto ja terveys.
36 Pekkarinen H et al. Uloshengityksen huippuvirtauksen ennustearvot.
37 Pekkarinen H et al. Physiological profiles of young boys training in ballet.
38 Pekkarinen H et al. Effects of moderate exercise in middle aged male and female farmers.
39 Pekkarinen H et al. Effect of submaximal exercise at low temperatures on pulmonary function in healthy young men.
40 Pelkonen K et al. In vivo and in vitro effects of substances in rodent beddings.
41 Pelkonen K, Ylitalo P. Absorption of oral enalapril in germ-free and microbially-associated rats.
42 Pesonen M et al. Comparison of cytochrome P-450 induction in primary liver cell culture and in vivo in rainbow trout.
43 Pohjanvirta R et al. TCDD reduces serum melatonin levels in Long-Evans rats.
44 Seppä L et al. Invasion of Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus salivarius in early caries lesions of gnotobiotic rats.
45 Sihvonen T et al. Neck-shoulder loading in wordprocessor use. Effect of learning, gymnastics and armsupports.
46 Sihvonen T et al. Neck-shoulder loading in wordprocessor use. Effect of learning, gymnastics and arm-supports.
47 Törrönen R, Kärenlampi S. Associations of aldehyde dehydrogenase with aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase in mouse hepatoma cells.
48 Törrönen R et al. Enzyme inducing effects of wood-based materials used as bedding for laboratory animals. Comparison by a cell culture study.
49 Törrönen R et al. Enzyme-inducing and cytotoxic effects of wood-based materials used as bedding for laboratory animals. Comparison by a cell culture study.

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