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Julkaisut 1989
Publications 1989

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1 Finne A et al. In vitro/in vivo comparison of timolol maleate release from buffered and unbuffered matrices of monoisopropyl ester of poly(vinyl methyl ether/maleic anhydride).
2 Finne U et al. Drug release from monoisopropyl ester of poly(vinyl methyl ether/maleic anhydride) can be modified by basic salts in the polymer matrix.
3 Kiistala U et al. Aluminiumkloridi-etanoliliuoksen penslaus- ja haudehoidon vaikutus jalkojen hienestoon.
4 Mönkkönen J et al. The uptake of clodronate (dichloromethylene bisphosphonate) by macrophages in vivo and in vitro.
5 Mönkkönen J et al. Clodronate liposomes as a tool in studying the reticuloendothelial system in drug distribution.
6 Parkkinen M. Gravimetric methods for collecting sweat and transepidermal water from limited skin areas.
7 Paronen P et al. Dissolution and mucociliary clearance of the inhaled 99mTc-labelled particles of disodium cromoglycate.
8 Pesonen T et al. Evaluation of a novel cellulose powder as a filler- binder for direct compression of tablets.
9 Saano V et al. Pharmacokinetics and acute side-effects of nifedipine given as slow-release tablets or liquid-filled capsules.
10 Saarinen P et al. Prodrug-johdokset lääkeainesuunnittelussa.
11 Sutine R et al. Effect of sodium chloride on the mechanical and osmotical properties of silicone matrices.
12 Sutinen R et al. Diffusion kinetics of alkyl p-aminobenzoates in silicone polymers and their release from silicone reservoir devices.
13 Tuomi A et al. Comparative evaluation of in vitro methods for hydrocortisone release from topical semisolid preparations.
14 Urtti A et al. In vivo release of timolol from isopropyl PVM/MA ocular insert can be controlled with basic additives.
15 Urtti A, Kyyrönen K. Ophthalmic epinephrine, phenylephrine, and pilocarpine effect the systemic absorption of ocularly applied timolol.
16 Urtti A et al. Paikallisesti annosteltavien silmälääkkeiden systeemivaikutukset.
17 Urtti A et al. Solvent-induced and pH-controlled drug release from silicone reservoir devices.
18 Vidgren M et al. In vivo deposition of 99mTc-labelled drug particles administered from a new multiple dose powder inhaler and from Rotahaler.
19 Vidgren P et al. Physical stability and inhalation behaviour of mechanically micronized and spray dried disodium cromoglycate in different humidities.

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