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Julkaisut 1989
Publications 1989

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1 Auriola S et al. Thermospray liquid chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of Catharanthus alkaloids.
2 Elo HA, MacDonald E. Effects of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) on biogenic amines and their acidic metabolites in brain and cerebrospinal fluid on rats.
3 Järvinen T et al. Specific and sensitive quantitation of medroxyprogesterone acetate in human serum by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.
4 Kauppinen RA et al. Cellular mechanisms underlying the increase in cytosolic free calcium concentration induced by methylmercury in cerebrocortical synaptosomes from Guinea pig.
5 Kauppinen RA et al. Interrelationships between glucose metabolism, energy state, and the cytosolic free calcium concentration in cortical synaptosomes from the Guinea pig.
6 Konschin H et al. The molecular structure and conformational characteristics of some specific benzodiazepine receptor ligands. A *molecular orbital study of C3-substituted betacarboline derivatives.
7 Lehtola T. Suitability of radioimmunoassay for medicinal plant research.
8 Mönkkönen J et al. The uptake of clodronate (dichloromethylene bisphosphonate) by macrophages in vivo and in vitro.
9 Naaranlahti T et al. Mass spectral evidence of the occurrence of vindoline in heterotrophic cultures of Catharanthus roseus cells.
10 Naaranlahti T et al. Electrochemical detection of indole alkaloids of Catharanthus roseus in high-performance liquid chromatography.
11 Peura P et al. Concentrations of tryptoline and methtryptoline in rat brain.
12 Saarinen P et al. Prodrug-johdokset lääkeainesuunnittelussa.
13 Simola LK et al. Feeding experiments with precursors of tropane alkaloids using suspension cultures of Atropa belladonna.
14 Taipale HT et al. Ruthenium red inhibits the voltage-dependent increase in cytosolic free calcium in cortical synaptosomes from Guinea-pig.
15 Vuorinen AH et al. Time-course of uptake of dissolved in organic carbon through willow roots in light and in darkness.
16 Ylinen M et al. Stimulation of the urinary excretion of perfluoro- octanoic acid in the male rat.
17 Yliniemelä A et al. High-Affinity benzodiazepine receptor ligans among benzodiazepines and betacarbolines with different intrinsic activity.

Farmaseuttisen kemian laitos Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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