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Second announcement

1. General background

The University of Joensuu, Finland, will be hosting the fifth international conference on Computational Methods and Function Theory (CMFT 2005) to be held in June 13–17, 2005.

The general theme of the meeting concerns various aspects of interaction of complex variables and scientific computation, including related topics from function theory, approximation theory and numerical analysis. Another important aspect of the CMFT meetings, previously held in Valparaiso 1989, Penang 1994, Nicosia 1997 and Aveiro 2001, is to promote the creation and maintenance of contacts with scientists from diverse cultures.

The international organizing committee of CMFT 2005 consists of St. Ruscheweyh (Würzburg), E.B. Saff (Nashville), O. Martio (Helsinki) and I. Laine (Joensuu). The local organizing committee includes I. Laine (Joensuu), R. Aulaskari (Joensuu), O. Nevanlinna (Otaniemi), E. Saksman (Jyväskylä) and J. Taskinen (Helsinki).

2. Mathematical program

The mathematical program consists of invited plenary lectures, invited section talks, contributed talks and poster sessions.

The plenary lectures will be delivered by

L. A. Beardon (Cambridge): University outreach: Sharing the excitement of learning mathematics,

P. Clarkson (Canterbury): Special polynomials associated with rational solutions of the Painlevé equations and applications to soliton equations,

H. Farkas (Jerusalem): The theta function in analytic function theory and combinatorial number theory,

A. Fokas (Cambridge): Imaging of the brain and integrability in multidimensions,

H. Hedenmalm (Stockholm): Boundary behaviour of conformal mappings and weighted Bergman spaces,

D. Khavinson (Fayetteville): The isoperimetric inequality revisited through approximation theory: complex analytic approach, unanswered questions, free boundary problems,

A. Martinez-Finkelshtein (Almeria): New results for orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle,

M. Seppälä (Helsinki): Mathematical work of Olli Lehto,

N. Trefethen (Oxford): The trapezoid rule for contour integrals: old history, new applications,

R. Varga (Kent): Dynamical motion in discrepancy theory.

The invited section speakers are, tentatively, H. Aikawa (Matsue), A. Cuyt (Antwerpen), A. A. Goncar (Moscow), V. Gutlyanskii (Donetsk), J. Langley (Nottingham), D. Marshall (Seattle), D. Minda (Cincinnati), H. Stahl (Berlin) and S. Shimomura (Yokohama).

The organizers have reserved about 120 slots for contributed talks of 25 minutes in parallel sessions. Poster sessions will also be organized for those participants who prefer this type of presentation.

The mathematical program starts at 9.00 a.m. on June 13 with the lecture of M. Seppälä (Helsinki). This lecture will describe the scientific work of O. Lehto, a former Chancellor and Rector of the University of Helsinki and a former Secretary General of the International Mathematical Union. The mathematical program is scheduled to end at 5.45 p.m. on June 17.

The program will be posted at the website of the conference as soon as it is made definite. The final program details will also appear in the Program booklet, to be distributed at the time of registration in the Conference Office.

3. Deadlines

April 15, 2005

Submission of abstracts

April 30, 2005

End of early registration

April 30, 2005

Notification of acceptance of contributed talks

4. Abstracts

Abstract of all contributions (lectures, talks, posters) should be submitted to the local organizing committee by April 15, 2005. Detailed instructions may be found at the website of the conference. Participants will be notified of the acceptance (contributed talks, posters) by April 30, 2005. Along with the notification, detailed technical instructions will be sent to all speakers and poster presenters.

5. Proceedings

All speakers at the conference will be encouraged to submit articles based on their talks to the journal "Computational Methods and Function Theory" (see the website of the journal All submitted papers will be subject to the usual refereeing process of CMFT.

6. Conference fee

The conference fee is 170 € if paid by April 30, 2005, and 220 € afterwards. The fee covers all conference material, a light supper in the evening of June 12, coffee/tea/refreshments during the conference program, transportation services between the airport/railway station/hotel/conference site, and a subscription to the CMFT journal for the year of 2006. The corresponding fees for accompanying persons are 25 €, resp. 30 €, and 10 €, resp. 15 €, for children under 16 years of age.

Detailed instructions for the payment of the conference fee may be found at the website of the conference. In case of any problems, please contact the financial secretary of the conference, Mrs. Riitta Sinkkonen, email

7. Financial support

According to the tradition of the CMFT conferences, limited funds will be reserved for partial support of travel/local expenses of participants from developing countries. Those in need of such support are requested to indicate this in their registration form, sending the necessary documents supporting their application separately. Applicants for such support will be notified about the decision by April 30, 2005, at the latest.

8. Social program

All conference participants, including accompanying persons, will be invited to an informal gathering in the Metria-building of the University from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., June 12. A light supper will be served.

There will be a reception for the conference participants, including accompanying persons, in the evening of June 13.

The afternoon of June 15, 2005, will be reserved for an excursion, tentatively, by buses to the Town of Savonlinna about 140 kilometres from Joensuu. The preliminary plan includes a visit to the art gallery "Retretti" and the medieval castle "Olavinlinna". The cost of the excursion, to be paid at the conference office, will be announced later on.

The conference dinner will be organized in the evening of June 17, after the end of the mathematical program. The cost of the dinner, to be paid at the conference office, will also be announced later on.

Some program for the persons accompanying conference participants will also be arranged. The present plans includes a city tour and an excursion to Ilomantsi (giving some idea of the Carelian culture in Finland). Details will appear at the conference website as soon as they have been determined.

9. Travel information

As a rule, foreign nationals coming to Finland should have a valid passport. Finland is a member of the so-called Schengen area, meaning that the passport control happens when you enter this area. Although there is usually no passport control for flights inside of this area, controls may occasionally happen. Therefore, the participants are advised to have their passport along in any case.

Citizens of most European countries and several other countries (including U.S.A) as well are not required to have a visa to enter Finland for a short stay, typically 30 days. If you don't have exact information on this, please check at your nearest consular office of Finland. If you need a visa, please apply at a Finnish consular office as soon as possible.

In case any problems arise with regard to receipt of your visa in due time, please provide us with the following information: your name, address and date of birth, passport number, date and place of your visa application and a short explanation of the situation. We will then do all we can to resolve your problem.

Concerning exact travel information such as flight/train/bus schedules, please consult the website of the conference, which contains information and links to exact details.

On Sunday afternoon and evening, June 12, and early Monday morning, June 13, our staff will be available at the Joensuu airport and the Joensuu railway station for connections from Helsinki. The airport bus normally runs up to Hotel Kimmel. For such flights, when a substantial number of conference participants will arrive, we will arrange a bus to run over the other hotels as well. In case of any difficulties while arriving to Joensuu, please phone to 044-330 3659.

10. Local transportation in Joensuu

The hotels are at a convenient walking distance of the conference site: about two kilometres from Hotel Kimmel, less than one kilometre from Summer Hotel Elli and less than 1,5 kilometres from the other hotels. Bus connections between the hotels and the University will be arranged daily. Exact information will be available while you arrive.

11. Local information

Concerning local information about the town and the university, including email services during the conference, see details at the website of the conference.

12. Registration

The conference office will be open for registration in June 12, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and in June 13, from 7.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. in room M6 of the Metria-building of the University, see the campus map at the website of the conference.

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