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  Joensuu, June 13–17, 2005


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Instructions for presentations

The abstracts of lectures and posters should be submitted by April 15, 2005. Please use the LaTeX2e format below, avoiding to use any kind of special macros. The length of the abstract should not exceed one A4 page. Please send your TEX-file by e-mail to You can download the template also here: abstract.tex

\parskip4pt plus2pt minus2pt
\renewcommand{\title}[1]{\begin{center}\textbf{\large #1}\end{center}}

%list here necessary packages, for example


\title{} %title of presentation

\author{}%author's name and
{}%author's university

\begin{abstract}%abstract text


Instructions for speakers
The lecture rooms will be equipped with

  • a document camera (operating like an overhead projector, but on ordinary paper, not on overhead transparencies)
  • the Carelia Hall used for plenary lectures has two document cameras with separate screens
  • a Windows 2000 based PC system which allows to make use of Powerpoint, Maple 6 etc.
  • connections to use your own laptop
  • an overhead projector (if you definitely wish to use overhead transparencies)
  • a large blackboard (mostly in several units), except for the Carelia Hall which has no blackboard available
  • the necessary microphone system

In all lecture rooms, a technical assistant will be available during the lectures.

If you have any questions or special wishes concerning technical arrangements during your lecture, please contact Mr. Ville Ramula at

Instructions for poster presenters
Three poster sessions will be organized on Monday, June 13, Tuesday, June 14 and on Thursday, June 16. Each poster will be assigned to one of these three sessions, and the presenters should be available next to their poster stand at 1.00 - 1.30 pm and 4.00 - 4.30 pm on the session day. The presenters will find their poster session/respective poster stand number in their conference material. Presenters are kindly requested to set up their posters at any time before noon of the session day, and to remove them by the end of the day.

The poster boards are double sided. One side of a board will be available for each poster. The posters should be prepared on sheets of size A3 standard at least, in which case the 195 x 115 cm (width x height) maximal space available can accommodate a maximum of 12 sheets.

While preparing your poster, please use lightweight material (not cardboard). Pushpins must be able to hold your poster sheets when mounted on the poster board. Pushpins will be available in the conference office.

Each poster has to include the title as announced for the conference program, author's name (and names of possible co-authors) and contact information. Please apply font size sufficiently large to ensure good readability/visibility and test these aspects of your display before the meeting.

The standard language of the conference is English proposed to be used for the posters as well.

Presenters are adviced to bring along a small amount of hard copies (in standard size) of their poster and/or of the respective article/manuscript to be distributed to the interested audience.

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