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    I was born on 20th of september in 1984 in Finnish town Lappeenranta. I lived there my peaceful and simple life until I moved to Joensuu to start my studies in the University of Joensuu. Most of My sunny childhood summers I spent in our familys summer cottage. Where I could run free in the wilderness, climb to trees and be amazed of all the marvellous creatures like butterflies, dragonflies, spiders and all sorts of crawling little wonders of the earth. Living there in the summertime made me became the girl in the classroom who could pick spiders in her hand and take them out from the classroom without any fuss. I have never been afraid of spiders or any other insects as well, and I don’t understand people who are afraid of them. If you ask me, I think insects are the most wonderful things in the whole world.

    I have never been so interested on collecting insects, but as I got my first SLR camera in 2002, I wanted to know more about the species that I have taken pictures of. So, I started to study insect identification guides, and I learned to identify some basic groups. Nowadays I am more concentrated in a good composition in the pictures I take than just identifying the creatures in my pictures.

    After upper secondary school I decided to go to university to study biology, and I got in there at first try in 2003. I have never had any major problems with studying theory of biology, but every now and then I was confused - should I direct my studies to photography, which I love so much and which feels like a passion to me.Finally I made up my mind and continued with biology and eventually finishing my masters in 2008. After finishing my masters I got immediately a PhD position at the University of Joensuu, and a new chapter started in my life. My study organism, which are parasitoids wasn’t already familiar to me, so there is a lot of hard identification work coming, yet they are very intersting group and now I think that parasitoids are one of the most amazing creatures that evolution has ever created.



Personal interests




  • 25 - 28 of March 2009 I participated in Darwin seminars 25.3.2009 and Konnevesi research training meeting 25-28.3.2009 .
  • 2 - 4 of March 2009 I was in Spring Symposium 2009 giving a presentation of my current work.
  • Monday 12th of January 2009 these pages are finally open to public and ready to fullfill your appetite for information and satisfy your thirst for knowledge.
  • Sunday 4th of January 2009 I attended to my first bouldering competition in Joensuu at Palloilukeidas and I won the womens series.
  • Monday 1st of December 2008 Finnish newspaper Karjalainen printed short story of our current project. [pdf]