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Training and Transfer of Knowledge (ToK)

The network as a whole undertakes to provide a minimum of 648 person-months of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), whose appointment will be financed by the contract. Quantitative progress on this, with reference to the table contained in Part C and in conformance with relevant contractual provisions, will be regularly monitored at the Consortium level. The Consortium will train 18 ESRs, each of which will have an employment contract for 36 months at their host institution (Tab. 1).

Nine ESRs will start their contract in month 1 and the other nine ESRs will begin in month 13. For each ESR one long-term placement (up to 6 months in another team, see Tab. 1) will be undertaken for a key series of experiments and at least one short-term visit (up to 6 weeks) to undertake a skill acquisition and/or attend a specialist course. These visits will greatly facilitate the bi-directional exchange of information and knowledge through the partner laboratories. The researchers will become conversant with the ethos of their host lab and institute and will fuse this with other institutes they visit. Exchanges will generate research synergies and a collective “esprit de corps” amongst the training fellows.


NucSys:  Systems biology of nuclear receptors: A nutrigenomic approach to aging-related diseases